Happy Birthday, little dude!

Friday, June 27, 2014

this little dinosaur loving, curious george loving pumpkin, is turning TWO on sunday!  Two...two...two...  Repeating it didn't help to make me realise that my baby is growing up and becoming a busy little man!

he is loves taking photos and seeing the end result afterwards.  this adorable feet photo was taken by mr R.

he still loves going to football class.  and he is now jumping over obstacles (that he packed out), trying to jump over them & loves to kick the ball around.

last week the weather was so wonderfully sunny & hot, that i filled his pool and gave him a few things to play in the water with.  he loved it & cried when it was time to get out.

here, here and here are photos from last year when this little mr turned 1.  and all i can say is that he has gotten so big!! (and i miss you nina!!)

i've been busy this last week (and a bit) to make a few things for his dinosaur party, and will put the photos up here next week.

happy friday & have a fantastic weekend! 
i know we are going to have the best weekend (hopefully it won't rain - since the party is at our house this year).  
so happy birthday my lovely boy and have a great birthday weekend!!!

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