20 month old little monkey

Thursday, March 06, 2014

♥ weights - 13kg (12kg at 19 months)
♥ heights - 86cm (86cm at 19 months)
♥ new word - moon (he actually says moo)
♥ new animal sound - woohoo (for wolf):  he actually only like to do this one when it suits him, and not when we ask him to.
♥ new sound - tsss (for deodorant): wayne is very proud about this one, since he taught him this.
♥ loves to run around and inspect everything (he is just like curious george which he LOVES)
♥ very into dinosaurs at the moment.  he was very fascinated with the dinosaurs at the natural history museum.
♥ he is always looking around for aeroplanes. unfortunately for him, we live in a country where it's more overcast than clear skies.  so not a lot of aeroplane spotting can be done here.  
♥ he is such a happy and outgoing child and loves to play with other children.  he gets so excited that he actually doesn't know what to do with himself.
♥ he loves giving hugs and kisses (and i'm taking full advantage of that).  he also gives hugs to other children, it's his way of greeting them.
♥ his favourite book at the moment:  the bear in the cave. (this is kind of a sequel to we are going on a bear hunt)
♥ his favourite food: cheese
♥ his signature move:  when we tell him not to touch something, he either closes his eyes and touch the object or turn towards us, and touch the object behind his back.  it's so hard not to burst out laughing, since he thinks that when he can't see what he is doing, then we can see it too.

{photos taken at natural history museum and V&A museum.  we went there when wayne took a day off from work.  riley LOVED it and every time we get on the bus, he asks us if we are going to the dinosaurs.} {the first photo is my favourite photo - he was laughing at the pigeons.} oh and sorry for the photo overload.

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