series: 7 months

Monday, February 11, 2013

this little man is 7 months old (on the 29th Jan 2013 - to be precise).
he is such a cute and friendly little boy and i just can't get enough of him.
he is starting to 'talk' more and more now - say things like ta da ma - but he does it so softly, its just to adorable.
he loves the animals here and as soon as he sees them he starts 'talking' to them.
he is still LOVING his swimming classes and gets so excited when he sees the swimming pool.  he now needs to put his head under the water and he thinks its nothing - only make brrrrrr when he comes up.
he LOVES his food.  he is eating veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, pumpkin, butternut squash... only to name a few.  he is also loving the yogurt and fruit he gets for lunch.  he is getting use to the fruit now and loves apple and peaches.
we went to pretoria to visit family and he loved it there, especially sitting on my grandmothers lap (in her wheelchair) when we went shopping.
when he has a toy in his hand that makes a noise when you press it - he presses that toy against his body for it to make a noise.
he can pick 2 toys (small ones) up in one hand.
he can place a toy from one hand to the other and also turn it around - to see what the toy looks like.
he also started noticing that when he swing the toys in his hand it will make a noise (the ones that can).
when he finds something very funny, he crinkles his nose.
we also showed him to make 'indian' noises - when we put our hand in front of his mouth - he goes 'aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh'.
when i pick him up, almost always pats me on the shoulder.
and he has a smooth surface toy (like a ball) or my shoulder against his mouth - he goes 'bbbbrrrr' (raspberries with his mouth) against it.
i just can't believe he is getting so big!
i just want to say - thank you for his constant smile, his interest in everything around him, his love for the outdoors, his love for my family (and them loving him back).  he is such a good little boy and i can't wait to see him grow!  we love you my little ducky! xx

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