12 weeks old

Friday, September 21, 2012

my little mister is 3 months old today (according to weeks).  3 months!! he is growing up so fast, but my mom & sister was right when they said that it just keeps getting better and better.  he is smiling, talking (as far as cooing and aching and giggling are concerned) and being absolutely adorable all day long. i just cannot get enough.  thankfully we are practically attached at the hip these days, so all is good.

here is a few things i love about him:

♥  i love how he gets little goosebumps when he sneezes.
♥  i love it when he greets you with a smile after a nap.
♥  i love his little dimples on his hands.
♥  i love his serious face, especially when it comes to tummy time.
♥  i love it when he spits his dummy out (have to catch it sometimes before it flies out of the pram.
♥  i love it that he is like his dad when it comes to food & sleep - wants to do it RIGHT now & don't want to wait for it.
♥  i love it that he stares at things & people around him (and will even give them a smile - such a charmer).
♥  i love how blond his hair is getting on the top of his head (makes him look bold).
♥  i still love his little double sigh, that he makes when he is satisfied.
♥  i love is 'yum yum' noises when he is feeding.
♥  love his little body pressed against me when he is breastfeeding.
♥  i love his little fat rolls.
♥  i love the fact that he thinks his mom is very funny & that he still loves it when i sing for him.
♥  i love it when he has his dummy half in & half out of his mouth.
♥  i absolutely love it now that he gets excited when he sees me and wayne  & when we walk into his room.
♥  i love how curious he is about everything around him.
♥  i love how much he LOVES the outdoors - he is going to love south africa.
♥  i love how busy he is now with kicking his feet and waving about his arms.
♥  love the little sucking noises he makes when he puts his fist in his mouth.
♥  he is starting to notice his toys on his pram & on his jungle gym.
♥  i love how he sees (and smiles) at himself in the mirror.
♥  when we try to a have strict word with riley about something (like fighting sleep) and he looks you in the eyes and gives you this BIG smile.
♥  i love his new little thing of covering his face to go to sleep.
♥  i love the cute little noise he makes after a sneeze and cough.
♥  and i totally love his big blue eyes.

i still can't believe that he is ours forever, how did we get so lucky??

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  1. aw, he gets prettier and prettier by the day!!
    He is absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe he's already 3 months old!! I can't wait to see you!! Can't wait to hold him!!

    I love his big blue eyes too, so beautiful...

    Love and miss you always!! xx


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