our weekend in leicester

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

this weekend was our first trip away from home since riley's birth.  it was also the first time in a car for him (3 hours trip) and staying over in a hotel.  it all went so well actually.  he was such a trooper!  he was a bit cranky on sunday after not getting nearly enough sleep, but he had such a good nights rest and the car trip was no problem for him.  he also loved meeting all the new people and loved all the attention.  he enjoyed the little naps he could take in the car and also staring out the window at all the trees.  riley also had his first swim in a swimming pool, and he loved it!

now that we know we can take little trips, we can't wait for the next one!

{this afternoon we will go for rileys first injections, oh my, i'm not looking forward to it!}

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  1. Hy lyk so gelukkig. Sterkte met die inspuitings. Lief julle. Heleen

  2. aww, he's so gorgeous, he gets even more beautiful by the day... don't really know how thats possible...
    so glad you enjoyed the trip... :) love you always!! xx


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