a little sneak peak of ducky's room

Thursday, June 14, 2012

after painting ducky's room we started putting all his little things together to make his room special for him.  for the first few months he will be sleeping in our room (in his moses basket) but he still needs a room for all his stuff (and he has a LOT of stuff).

we build (actually i told wayne what to do & he build it) his chest of drawers - that we will also use as his changing table.  and since it was a bit white & colourless we bought wooden knobs and painted it in different colours.  i LOVE it!

we got him a little circus net for over his cot (that wasn't the easiest thing to get into the roof).  

to brighten up one of the little white flower tins we used in our wedding; i made a colourful bunting around it to store all kinds of little things.  

i am busy making a few more things for his room and will add photos on here as soon as i am done.  i will also give you all a tour of his room as soon as everything is done.

ps.  i just love the drawer with all his little diapers in and i catch wayne almost every night standing in his room looking at all his cute small clothes.

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  1. Ducky se kamer lyk pragtig! Heleen

  2. OH wow!!! The room is so pretty!! Now I kinda wish it was mine :) hehe, he's such a lucky little boy! I can't wait to see him! My favourite is the circus net over his bed, and the cute little diapers... btw, that's super cute diapers.... I miss you tons and tons....

    Wish I was there with you...
    Love you always and always...


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