38 weeks

Monday, June 18, 2012

i am at 38 weeks and i just can't believe it!  the time has flown by!  to be honest i was expecting to feel worse than what i'm feeling.  for 38 weeks (and so close to the end), i feel pretty good!  my tummy is still quite high, so i don't think ducky will be here any day soon.  he is laying in the correct position at least.  according to the doctor, all is well and that is the most important part.

how far along? 38 weeks 
maternity clothes?  nothing, yay me!! 
sleep  it is getting a bit more uncomfortable to sleep & i can't lay for too long on one side.  
best moment this week?  we heard his healthy little heartbeat on Friday.  i also LOVED seeing wayne's happy face on friday when the doctor showed him how to feel ducky's head (and bottom).
miss anything?  nothing really.   
movement?  ducky is very busy when wayne touches my tummy and when it's time for me to go to bed at night.  
food cravings?  milkshake 
anything making you queasy or sick? nothing for this week.   
ducky's size?  49-50cm from head to heel. 
ducky's weight?  3.18kg (according to the scan the previous week) but on average ducky should weigh around 3-3.2kg
size of bump?  38cm 
interesting facts about ducky?  ♥ ducky now has a firm grasp, which i will soon be able to test when i hold his hand for the first time.  ♥   ducky's true eye colour may not reveal itself for weeks or months.    ♥ he is continuing to add fat.  ♥   and also fine tuning his brain & nervous system.  
what Ducky is currently doing?  ♥  he is busy moving his head down into my pelvis (that’s the reason for me wanting to pee all the time).  the doctor (and wayne) checked on friday and he is about 2/3 laying correctly, but not ready to come out yet. ♥  
he adores his daddy & can't wait for him to touch his mommy's tummy.  ducky gives his daddy then a BIG hello by kicking & squirming around.
labour signs?  nope
belly button in or out?  in
wedding rings or or off? on
happy or moody? super happy and excited to meet this little man!
looking forward to? finishing off his room.
what mommy is feeling?  ♥ i still don't have swollen feet and feel pretty great for being so close to the end.  ♥ yesterday we went to the marylebone summer fair and my body is a bit tired from all the walking around

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  1. Ek is so vreeslik opgewonde nou!! Jy lyk pragtig. Lief julle. Heleen

  2. Wow, can't believe you are so far along already... Can't wait for ducky to arrive!
    Miss you tons and tons... You loo beautiful in the photos!

    Love you always... xxx

  3. Awesome

    Was a great week-end
    Love ya


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