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Friday, December 03, 2010

this photo is from NASA via Mirror newspaper.  this is the whole of the UK covered in snow.

this is the earliest widespread snowfall in the UK since 1993 and OH MY WORD has this been disrupting the road & rail traffic. 
there is this article about the ‘big freeze’ in the UK – i just LOVE the title of the article:  “Travel chaos:  coming to a station near you” (click on the title to read the article or on image below).
10.12.01 Travel Chaos...Mirror
unfortunately for me, i have been at work these last couple of days so couldn’t enjoy the snow.  by the time we get home in the evenings (it’s even later now because of all the disruptions on the trains & tubes) it’s already pitch dark outside – so all of my photos are taken in the dark.  so here is a few photos of the snow in our area:
   the reason we can’t use the trains – and the reason it takes me 1 & a half hour to get home & not 45min.
   a snow covered leaf
P1000625  trying to get out of our kitchen door – to the back garden
IMG_1560  the back garden (or the little bit that you can see)
  the snow over our front gate (trying to leave the house to get to work)
  the front gate open
  the streets in our area.
i don’t mind the snow – it’s the COLD that is horrible at the moment.  this morning the temperature was –3 degrees Celsius (this was on my way to work – at 7.30 in the morning).  this afternoon was around 0 to –1 degrees. last night was –7 degrees.
tomorrow we are suppose to go to portsmouth – just wondering if we would be able to get there…
hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend! 

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  1. I love the snow photo's ... absolutely beautiful! :) it's sad that you cant enjoy the snow outside because of you working late and the slow transport... ;) but hope you could've enjoyed it this weekend!!
    I'll see you soon in this horribly hot weather here in South-Africa... love you!!


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