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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

we’ve been crazy busy these last few weeks with packing (for our move in a few days) & with enjoying the outside since the weather is absolutely gorgeous. 

2014-07-02 12.17.23every day with this little man is an experience; like this day when he wanted to walk around with an umbrella the whole day (don’t forget the faded dinosaur tattoo on his arm & sunglasses) and he even watched curious george from under the umbrella.  it was so funny and that face…

July1_CollageJuly2_Collageplaying in the pool (with or without clothes) and eating cold fruit is a must.

July3_Collageeating ice cream and being silly while you doing it, is also a must in this hot summers weather.

July5_Collagehaving lunch, taking selfies & pulling faces with mommy is the way to go.

July7_Collagefor Super Sunday (CRC) we went to the O2 – what a ‘Super’ day

July8_Collagewe’ve had some beautiful clear skies these last few days, oh man, i love summer.

July13_Collagewayne’s birthday cake (not too sure why the icing turned out this lovely shade of pink, i did add almost the whole bottle of red colouring). and that little ‘teeth baring’ face, is the one i got when i asked him to smile for a photo.

July4_Collageall this sun and activities are such hard work for a growing 2 year old, so occasionally falling asleep on the go is the best thing to do.

July16_CollageJuly17_Collageand lastly, these are the cutest nieces that anyone can ask for. 

i miss you guys!!

have a wonderful humpday!

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