our last few days…

it’s with tears in our eyes that we say goodbye to our house (of the last 4 years) and move into a new area in Surrey.  we will always think fondly of this house that provided us with so many memories, see this post.

2014-06-14 House2_LinksRoad2014-06-14 House3_LinksRoad2014-06-14 House4_LinksRoad2014-06-14 House5_LinksRoad2014-06-14 House6_LinksRoad

not too sure about internet yet, so probably no blog posts for awhile.  and i’m also going to be overloaded with boxes, adjusting to the new area and looking for new places to take little mister.

missing family

last year this time my sister janine was here, and i miss her so much.  i think i tell her this about every single day.  except for the fact that she could have helped us with this move, i miss all the places we went to see.  it made me realise how much more fun the summer here in london is if you can go to all these places.  it’s not always the best thing to do it on your own (with a little one).

i had a look at some of the things we did last year this time, like:  going to richmond for wayne’s birthday; going to the natural history museum & butterfly exhibition; going to st. dunstan in the east and southbank, to name a few things.  these photos also shows me just how big a little boy riley has become.

luckily for us, my other sister karlien and her little one katinka is coming here in october – oooh i’m so excited and can’t wait anymore.

enough about missing family and feeling sad because i don’t see them very often.  here is some photos of riley to cheer me up.

July6_CollageJuly11_CollageJuly15_Collagehe loves reading!! he will read just about anything and anywhere (and with or without clothes too).  i love the photo where he sits in his bumbo (and yes he still fits in it, quite easily i may add).

a few more of my little man:July9_CollageJuly10_CollageJuly12_CollageJuly14_Collage

have a great weekend all!

think about us when you are all relaxing on the sofa with a drink in the hand, because we will be knee (arms, legs) deep in boxes.

our life according to my phone

we’ve been crazy busy these last few weeks with packing (for our move in a few days) & with enjoying the outside since the weather is absolutely gorgeous. 

2014-07-02 12.17.23every day with this little man is an experience; like this day when he wanted to walk around with an umbrella the whole day (don’t forget the faded dinosaur tattoo on his arm & sunglasses) and he even watched curious george from under the umbrella.  it was so funny and that face…

July1_CollageJuly2_Collageplaying in the pool (with or without clothes) and eating cold fruit is a must.

July3_Collageeating ice cream and being silly while you doing it, is also a must in this hot summers weather.

July5_Collagehaving lunch, taking selfies & pulling faces with mommy is the way to go.

July7_Collagefor Super Sunday (CRC) we went to the O2 – what a ‘Super’ day

July8_Collagewe’ve had some beautiful clear skies these last few days, oh man, i love summer.

July13_Collagewayne’s birthday cake (not too sure why the icing turned out this lovely shade of pink, i did add almost the whole bottle of red colouring). and that little ‘teeth baring’ face, is the one i got when i asked him to smile for a photo.

July4_Collageall this sun and activities are such hard work for a growing 2 year old, so occasionally falling asleep on the go is the best thing to do.

July16_CollageJuly17_Collageand lastly, these are the cutest nieces that anyone can ask for. 

i miss you guys!!

have a wonderful humpday!

happy birthday, my love!!

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the love of my life and awesome daddy!!

We love you so much and can't wait to celebrate with you all week long (birthday week baby)!!!

my favourite photo of my boys.

having a 'race' with milkshake.

24 month list about riley

i only noticed now that i never gave a little list this month about this little mister.
so here it goes:

♥ weights - 12kg (13kg at 20 months)
♥ heights - 90cm (86cm at 20 months)
♥ new word - riley (he pronounce it so weird but you can understand what he is trying to say)
♥ he loves tidying up and is the first one to help packing everything away at football.
♥ we are currently working on colours, it is a bit of a struggle but his favourite colour is purple.  
♥ i loves how clear he is saying 'mamma' at the moment.  he is even starting to shout it out to me now, especially in the mornings when he wakes up.  
♥ still LOVES dinosaurs - that's the reason for his dino party.  and Curious George of cause. 
♥ he is trying hard to put 2 words together for example:  'riley eat' or 'mamma downstairs'. 
♥ he talks a lot, like constantly (this is probably my fault).  he talks and he talks and he talks and he talks and he taaaaaaaalks.  i understand maaaaybe around 30% of it but a lot of it is either in english, afrikaans or baby sign language or even just baby babble.  talking with him is so good, that's why i say its probably my fault, i talk to him constantly.
♥ he is suddenly shy around people.  not real shy, but fake shy, dramatic shy, with tightly shut eyes and hands over the eyes and a 'nope!' when people look at him when he's not in the mood to be seen.
♥ he loves his daddy most except for the hours between 8pm and 8am, in which it is strictly mamma time only.  no dad, just ma-ma.  if feels good, and also it's exhausting.
♥ he still loves giving hugs and kisses
♥ he hates getting his hair washed
♥ his favourite books at the moment:  'goodnight moon' and 'tappity tap! what was that?'
♥ his favourite food: dinosaur dried fruit.  he isn't that fussy with food, he actually likes food, it's just rice that he really doesn't like.  i hope the not fussy with food is going to stay.
♥ he says thank you (almost every time) and is also quick to say sorry - even if it wasn't his fault
♥ he has blondish very straight hair - that needs a cut now.  i'm not ready to do this yet, but his hair is.
♥ his signature move:  at the moment to cross his arms.  it is so cute and i ask him hundred of times a day to do it for me
♥motherhood right now for me is: tiring (i wish the last of his canine teeth is out, seriously), challenging and loads of fun with a 2 year old little man.

{photos taken at his cake smash on his birthday - the last one you can see how shy he is getting when we started singing to him}.

have a great week!!

riley's dinosaur party: party time!

even with it raining most of saturday, i think the little ones had fun.  we had a bubble machine in the back and they had a ball running around in the rain catching the bubbles.

when it came to singing 'happy birthday' to Riley.  he got so shy and kept on hiding behind his hand.  he loved blowing out the candle on his cake, so much, that he asked for more and we lit it again for him - since it is his birthday.

sam came over for the weekend and riley loved having him here.

a kids party is exhausting especially for the boys...

have a great weekend and for the american, have a great 4th of july celebrations.

Riley's Dinosaur Party: the decor & food

riley loves dinosaurs, so it was very easy to pick a theme for his 2nd birthday party.  we had a small party for only a few of his friends and had so much fun, even if it was pouring outside. 

i made little dinosaur bunting & big paper pom-poms to decorate the table.  snacks for the little ones were: watermelon-on-a-stick, dinosaur cheese sandwiches, dinosaur turkey nuggets, grapes, blueberries, green & orange jelly, chicken viennas, rice cakes, dino dried fruit and rocky road & caramel toffee cupcakes.

wayne sprayed old glass bottle lids orange & green and we filled it with little smarties & other sweets.  I also used old egg cartons as bowls to put all the eat things in.

seeded cheese sandwiches in dinosaur shapes - used with cookie cutters i bought at the natural history museum.

for gift bags, i made each child a 'rileydactyl' dino dig.  each dino dig (that consisted of soft play dough) had a few fossil bones and big dino egg which had a glow in the dark dinosaur in.  and the gift bag had a dinosaur mask, dino tattoos, dino sticker book, dino bubbles and twirly straw.

because of the rain, we had to entertain the children indoors so, the got the rileydactyl dino dig to play with indoors.  they made a mess but had loads of fun.  riley LOVED it! 

riley's birthday cake was a chocolate cake with green icing, volcano (made with oreo biscuits and red sugar) and one of his toy dinosaur.  it was so yummy even if the icing decided to run away from the dinosaur and the volcano.

i loved creating all these things for my little man especially when i saw how much he enjoyed it.  i think the trick for me this year was that i started months before the time and was done with everything (except the baking) about 3 days before the party.  

i can't wait to plan next years party!! 

little note to our little man

on sunday you turned TWO.

i dreamed of your birth the other night and woke up feeling that you are still sleeping between us, like the first two weeks of your life.
you're growing so fast and we cannot escape the time that's passed.
two years ago, our hearts burst so wide, changing our lives forever.  when i look at you , i can still feel your kicks, turns and elbows in my ribs; i can hear your first little cry at birth; your firsts; your smiles and coos and crawls and steps; we are watching you grow before our eyes, and can only imagine what's to come.  sometimes i believe you grow centimeters overnight.  i love your messes (most of the time); your focus; your eagerness to learn new things and do new things; your fearlessness; your personality and great sense of humor; the way you tap the person who is holding you on the back when you are in their arms; the kisses and hugs you eagerly gives us; the love for us i can see in your eyes and i love all the things in between.

i love you more than you'll know and i promise to continue to wrap you with love and kisses as you grow.  you are the sunshine in our lives and we are so thankful and grateful to call you our little mister.
have a great year, my boy!  we can't wait to experience more firsts, more hugs and kisses.  WE LOVE YOU!!

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