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last week was a long and sad week.  long because by saturday late afternoon, riley saw his dad for the first time since tuesday morning, so it was a long week for me with riley & long week for wayne with all the hours he put in. and sad because we found out we had to move {see yesterday's post}.

therefore we decided to spend some quality time together as a family.  we first went to the playground in st george's park {riley LOVES it there}.  and then we got some dinner at spur in southside shopping centre.  riley had so much fun with the children lucky packet and the play area that after dinner he was exhausted, and went to sit under the table to watch Curious George on my phone. {wayne said that riley wanted to give us some 'us' time & we didn't have to worry about him}.
we had a fantastic saturday evening!

with the summer season coming up, wayne is always so busy and constantly working long hours, that when we get a few hours or a day that he isn't working, we take full advantage of it.  and sunday was such a day - wayne didn't have to work.

we relaxed at home, riley played in his sandbox & in his pool.  it was GREAT!! (little wet footprints on the kitchen floor)

sunny, fun days & just the three of us, makes me realise not just how lucky (& blessed) we are but also how precious time (spending time together) is in this rushed and crazy world.  can't wait for more of these days!! xx

change is always a good thing...

for the next month or so (hopefully less than that) we are going to be busy looking for another place to live.  our rental contract is up for renewal and the owners of the house decided to sell the house, so out we go.  i know we were planning on finding another place next year, to get riley in the right area for school but it feels so sudden and rushed, probably because the move wasn't planned.  i am excited for a change but very sad... 

we've lived here now for 4 years and a lot has happened in this time, the house has so many great memories.  {click on the links to see these memories}:
i remember how excited (and exhausted) we were when we first moved in; we couldn't wait to live in this old house; we had our first bbq (braai) when we lived here for only a week; i had fun decorating the house and making it feel more like a home

we planned & made all the things for our wedding; 

found out we were pregnant; got riley's room ready; riley's birth and coming home from the hospital; riley's first halloween; got riley ready for his first wedding; after our 6 month visit in south africa, nina came to visit; riley's first birthday; wayne's first father's day;  where riley lived for his first 2 years of his life & all the milestones he achieved.  

looking at all these photos and remembering everything that happened in these past 4 years; i am going to miss this house so much!  

like i said (in the title) change is always a good thing, so i am super excited to see what is next in store for us!!

to my beautiful mom

happy birthday!!

it didn't take becoming a mother for me to start appreciating my own mother; that began a long time
ago and grew over the years. but now that I have a child of my own, i look up to you, and i call you often for advice...

i am always in awe (and wonder how you did it all) to successfully raise 4 children with different personalities, strengths and weaknesses AND still worked long hours.  with your guidance and love you now have 4 adult children, who are happy, healthy and grounded and you also have 3 beautiful grandchildren.
thanks for all you do for me, I am so thankful that you raised me to be the best I can be.

happy birthday to the most beautiful woman on the planet, inside and out. praying this year brings a cup overflowing and dreams coming true. love you so so so so very much.

love from your oldest xxx

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