sunny spring weekend

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2014-03-16 RileySunglasses

we can’t get enough of this unseasonably warm weather here in london at the moment.  last year this time (i was almost on my way back from SA) it was snowing here.

see more photos here.

we spend most of our weekend and the past week outside, and Riley loved it.  he is such an outside little boy who loves playing on the swings, on the slides and giving his mommy a heart attack for being way to brave on the climbing apparatus.  he also loves looking & touching the trees and flowers and i adore it when he tells me long stories about everything he sees.

he is a busy, brave, not scared of anything, adventurous, curious and soft natured little boy.  i am so lucky and blessed to have him and wayne in my life!

Riley,Mom,Dad_CollageRiley&Moon_CollageRiley,Dad,Playing_CollageRiley_Collage2014-03-07 Flowers

{the flowers are so beautiful!}

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