the best of 2013: January to April 2013

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy 2014!!!

we had such a full, busy and great 2013!  going through all the photos of the year just made me realise how beautiful and full of blessings our life is.  it has been so much fun looking back on all of our memories and seeing how Riley has grown over the last year.

we kicked of the year with riley & i spending the first 3 months in SA; we came back to a cold london; went to a few places, spaces and touristy stuff when Janine got here; my sister Janine visit us for about 6 months; had riley's first birthday; went to a wedding; riley took his first steps; went to view some fireworks and spent christmas just the 3 of us.  all in all it was a fantastic year!

bring on 2014! we are going to kick your ass!

i couldn't pick only a few photos a month so i decided to make it into a little clip for every month (most of them are about 15 sec long).  and i've also split it up into 3 posts for the next 3 days.  here is january until april 2013:

tomorrow i will post may until august 2013.

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