15 & 16 month favourites

this little man is almost 17 months old! time just flew right on by… I don't know how many times I will say "where has the time gone," but seriously WHERE has the time gone!? It's a crazy thing, when your little baby first arrives, you want them to stay a tiny little, snuggly, bundle forever.  but as they start to grow and interact with you, you become obsessed with every little milestone. It is SO much fun watching his eyes light up when he sees new things and seeing that little smile of his in the morning is just pure joy! . 

to remember these precious times i’ve compiled a list of all his favourite things at the moment.

BabyBjörn Spoons.  He is pretty good at holding any spoon but these ones seem easier and he has fewer spills.  we are teaching him to eat most of his food with a spoon (actually he won’t allow us to feed him anymore).  it is such a mess but totally cute to see how he struggles and works it out for himself.

Ikea Table & Chairs.  we just got these for him and he loves it!  he loves sitting there playing with buttons & cups (packing it from one thing to the other), drawing, playing with his crayons or even to have his little snacks there.


Snack & Go.  he loves this little snack pot of his.  it is easy to take the food out and also easy to carry around.  he doesn’t like walking around with snacks in his hands (hates dirty hands) so prefer to have it in a little bowl of some kind.  i prefer giving it to him in here, because with a normal bowl, i pick snacks up all over the house.

we’re going on a bear hunt book.  of all his books, this is still his favourite.  he will ask for this book almost after every nap or when he is in his room. when he says “oh, no”, we know that this is the book he is talking about.

elmo soft toy.  riley was never a baby/child who was attached to something specific like a blanket or teddy.  but these last couple of days he is getting attached to his little elmo soft toy.  i’ve been giving him elmo to sleep with every night (from about 9 months) and it is so cute when you walk into his room and he is standing with elmo, under the arm, waiting for us to pick him up.

Walker truck.  he is getting so good at walking/running around with his truck.  it will be the first thing he goes for when he gets downstairs.  he is also starting to pack everything that he can find into his truck.  at least now we know where to find everything he picks up.

these were just a few of his favourite things he loves at the moment, now off to find my lip-gloss he was playing with (lets hope it is in his little truck).  00

our little life according to my phone

we've been crazy busy over here since janine will be going back to SA at the end of this week, and we are cramming in all the last couple of sights and places before she goes.  i am also finishing off the last of the handmade presents i am sending my family.

but to show you a little bit of what we’ve been up to, here is the latest photos that you can find on my phone:


very belated halloween photos

we spend halloween giving sweets out to trick or treaters and after riley went to sleep we relaxed with a few halloween drinks.  we had so much fun and can't wait for next year when riley will go trick or treating.

so here is a few photos of halloween at the swan house.

life of riley video: singing along a theme song

this little man is starting to sing along with songs that he recognise like the curious george tv show that he loves.  we have to watch the theme song about 3 times before we even get to the episode (and that he wants to watch another few times).

here is a little video clip where he asked (via sign language) to listen and see the theme song again (where he signs more).  he also loves the songs and poems he sings every thursday at his rhythm and rhyme class.  his favourites are zoom, zoom, zoom; sleeping bunnies; bananas of the world and if your happy and you know it...  he asks us millions of times during the day to sing it with him.  it does get a bit much after the 15th time of zoom, zoom, zoom but we don't really mind because he loves it and the way he shows all the little moves is just so adorable.

enjoy the video and have a fantastic weekend!

lately on my phone


i thinks most of my photos from now on will have a coffee, hot chocolate or mulled wine in.  it is getting colder now and oh so dark.  sun only coming up after 7:15am and its already dark just after 4pm.  and the worst part of this, that it’s only the beginning of winter now.

2013-11-12 14.28.19

the colder weather is also playing a role in riley’s day to day activities.  now that it’s a bit too cold for him to be outside for too long, i have to plan his day by doing things inside the house or inside other buildings.  this include going to the library for story time (or in his eyes running around like a crazy person), taking him to indoor playgroups (again read this as running around like a crazy person) or just drawing, playing with clay, packing and unpacking straws or packing and unpacking the cupboards or his toys. but some of the time he just wants to chill out and watch curious george or the minions. {just a bit of useless information: while i was looking (via google) for a link to the minions, i noticed the meaning of the word minion:  A minion is a follower devoted to serve his/her master/mistress relentlessly. i didn’t even know the word existed until the despicable me movies – learn something new every day.}

riley also LOVES playing with my iphone (and wayne’s ipad).  the other day he was playing with siri (he is quite an expert), and after a few baby talk moments & siri saying: “Sorry, Stephanie, I didn’t get that.”, this is the reply i got on my phone:  {the “who, me?” is from Siri – my phone}

2013-11-08 12.03.29so funny, i didn’t know riley could say all these words…

have a great wednesday!

life of riley video: reading a book

we went to his rhythm and rhyme class yesterday and this little man is getting way too clever for his size.  he can do most of the movements of the songs now and start to scream (of pure delight) when the teacher tells them what they are going to do next.  he also scream and jump around when we get home in the evenings after work.

this week he was driving us 'insane' with watching curious george and singing bananas of the world.

this video was taken on the {27th Oct}, on our way back home from the pumpkin picking farm.  he was so engrossed in his book that he even copied the movements.

have a great weekend!

we started our weekend with fireworks & ended in covent garden

it was my lovely sister, janine's, bday on saturday and we started it with a bang on friday with the annual fireworks display at bishop's park.  this was the 408th anniversary of the famous gunpowder plot (guy fawkes) and this year the fireworks is set to music selected for a super heroes theme.  it was great! we had so much fun even riley loved it.  it started with a display for the children and then they had the themed main show about half an hour later.  there was a funfair, theme park rides and food available.

during the main event, riley wanted to watch minions.  so he sat in his pram with his earphones on, all nice and warm.

the funniest thing happened on our bus ride back:  he fell asleep and during the bus ride he some how wormed his way out of his straps and sat up.  when he sat up he saw himself in the window on the bus and that smile, it was just so awesome! he looked super proud of himself.  it made everyone on the bus burst out laughing! how could i be mad at that little face...

on saturday we went to kensington palace and gardens and walked around there.  all the autumn leaves was just so beautiful.

and then on sunday we went walking around covent garden and looked at all the christmas decorations that are already out.

we had such a fun weekend and hope Janine had a great birthday weekend! 

have a fantastic monday!

life of riley video: singing with mommy & his aunt

i hope you all had a fantastic halloween.  we wanted to go out for trick or treating but riley wasn't feeling great, so we decided to stay home and give sweets to all the trick or treaters.  riley had a lot of fun and couldn't wait for children to show up so that he could talk to them.  i have a few photos and will put them on the blog next week.

here is a video we took of riley singing the pink panther theme tune with us:

{this was taken on 29th Oct 2013}

have a great and fun weekend!

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