pumpkin weekend & crazy weather

Monday, October 28, 2013

13.10.27 Pumpkins13.10.27 Us&Pumpkin13.10.27 PumpkinInHand13.10.27 PumpkinMan

we spent most of our day on trains yesterday but it was so worth it.   have you ever picked your own pumpkin?  the art of pumpkin picking was new to us, and frankly, marked the first of a new family tradition.  we are excited to bring our little mister back each and every year to select thee most perfect of pumpkins to carve for halloween.  i have loads more photos of our day at Crockford Bridge Farm and will share these with you later in the week.

we made it safely into work today, even if storm St Jude hit london last night and early this morning.  as with any big changes in weather, the UK transport can’t handle it, so there was no overground trains this morning & will probably be disrupted for the rest of the day.  the wind is still strong & there is huge puddles of water everywhere but i think the worst of it is over.

13.10.28 StormStJude13.10.28 BlueSkies_StormStJude{the bottom 2 photos was taken on my way into work this morning}

have a great week!

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