15 min DIY Goal List

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

i've not added a diy here on this blog in ages, so in my search to organise my life & household, i found this easy DIY Goal List that i just couldn't wait to make.

it is so easy that i took me no more than 15min to make this and then you can have all your goals for the week or month in one easy place that is even changeable.

you will need:  post-its, pencil, marker, ruler and card stock.

i started by sticking the post-its, where i want them, on the card stock.  and then drawing a border around the post-its, i added a rectangle box at the top of the page and then one more square inside the rectangle.

now you can fill the rest of the page with doodles, frames / borders or even lettering.

next you just need to decide on your goals and if it is going to be weekly or monthly.  fill it in on the post-its and ta-da, there you have your own little Goal List that you can change and move around.  stick it on a clipboard and hang it on the wall for you to see.  i've decided to have 4 goals every week in different categories.  the categories are Organisation, Project, Family Fun and Lavinia (my shop).  this way i will be able to do 4 goals or tasks for the week.

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