happy halloween... pumpkin crafting

we started (after the pumpkin picking on sunday) our halloween celebrations with pumpkin crafting.  this was riley's first pumpkin crafting and he LOVED it!

last year he was only 4 months old and fell asleep quite early.  this year he will hopefully be able to take part a little bit more.  today we will go to fulham for their annual halloween fair, and hopefully riley will have loads of fun.  tonight we will take riley to a few houses for trick or treating and will also hand out candy to the trick or treaters coming to our house.

here is the photos of riley's first pumpkin crafting.

riley took the task of pumpkin crafting very serious:

it takes a lot of concentration (just look at that hand) to hollow out a pumpkin
he loved playing with the guts of the pumpkins but when he noticed that his hands are full of orange goo and wanted me to clean it asap (this little man sure hates dirty hands)

 our 3 pumpkins:
 feeding some pumpkin to dad - after he had spoons full himself

this little one had so much fun and we can't wait to do this again next year.

have a great halloween everyone!

our life according to my phone

happy humpday! we had a great day with riley, spending his 16 month day! and spending the evening with dad, carving the pumpkins for halloween (photos of these will follow).
we also survived the st Jude storm... 
it's getting cold and it's still windy here and it so feels like winter is upon us since we are 2 hours behind SA and that makes it completely dark when i get home in the evening. 
have a great wednesday! xx 

16 month old riley

age: 16 months
clothes: wearing size 9-12 months mostly, but some of the tops are getting a bit short and tight so he is starting to wear 12-18 month old tops.
favourite foods:  his new favourites are pretzels and apples; he still loves cheese, bananas, peanut butter sandwiches, yoghurt, droe wors and dried fruit.
favourite words:  dad, train, nana (for minions, because of their banana song), aaaarggghhh (for the jurassic park game on the ipad),
favourite sounds:  aaaarggghhh (for lion and dinosaur), kwak-kwak (for duck), meouw (for cat), bzzzz (for bee), ssssss (for snake), prrrrrr (for elephant), bwooo (for dog),  hoe-hoe (for owl), oe oe oe (for monkey).
favourite baby signs (language):  more, eat and drink
favourite time of the day:  bath time (actually his whole sleep routine). he gets so excited when we say bath time that he (almost) jumps of the coach, while signing bath time and running out the door and up the stairs.  we have to hurry to catch up to him and make him come back to say goodnight.
favourite songs:   bananas of the world and head, shoulders, knees and toes.
favourite activities:  making a mess, doing summersaults, reading, watching curious george, climbing on everything, the library, running around, playing hide and seek (under the tables), getting chased around the house and hiding around the corner to frighten us (this is something new he is doing and super cute, especially since he giggles until we turn towards him).
least favourite activities:  dirty hands
mommy loves:  his curiosity, his willingness to try anything, his facial expressions, at sleeping time when he puts his little arm around my neck and tickles my neck until he falls asleep and his lion noise.
daddy loves:  the way he reads his books, he hugs and plays with his ladybug, that he pees in the bath every time he gets in and his lion noise.
other milestones:  he can fully understand sentences and things that we say.  it just Blows.My.Mind. when i say:  "go and show daddy the little monkey".  he will run to his dad and even show him the monkey.

he sleeps like a champ: from 8:30pm until 8am with one 1-2 hour nap in the middle of the day.
he knows where his nose, ears and hat (on his head) is.  such a genius!
he is the cutest little mr and stole our (and nina's) hearts completely!

pumpkin weekend & crazy weather

13.10.27 Pumpkins13.10.27 Us&Pumpkin13.10.27 PumpkinInHand13.10.27 PumpkinMan

we spent most of our day on trains yesterday but it was so worth it.   have you ever picked your own pumpkin?  the art of pumpkin picking was new to us, and frankly, marked the first of a new family tradition.  we are excited to bring our little mister back each and every year to select thee most perfect of pumpkins to carve for halloween.  i have loads more photos of our day at Crockford Bridge Farm and will share these with you later in the week.

we made it safely into work today, even if storm St Jude hit london last night and early this morning.  as with any big changes in weather, the UK transport can’t handle it, so there was no overground trains this morning & will probably be disrupted for the rest of the day.  the wind is still strong & there is huge puddles of water everywhere but i think the worst of it is over.

13.10.28 StormStJude13.10.28 BlueSkies_StormStJude{the bottom 2 photos was taken on my way into work this morning}

have a great week!

life of riley video: taking care of his mommy

we started off this week with a few sniffles and sore throats, luckily only me and riley.  on tuesday i didn't feel to great and riley (almost over his cold by then) felt that it was his job to look after me.  he kept on sitting next to me, actually mostly on top of me and feeding me his apple or any kind of snack he had with him.  it sure made me feel so much better!

here is a short little clip of him taking care of his mommy:

{clip taken on 22 Oct 2013}

DIY Halloween fashion for a little boy

i can't believe that halloween is a week from now.  hopefully we will get our pumpkins on sunday so that we can carve them.  i am still working on riley's outfit for halloween and hopefully he will be ok to wear it and will enjoy halloween this year.

in my search to find ideas for a cute outfit for riley, i came across these outfits:

wobbles–the terrible 2’s

2013-10-03 14.42.072013-09-29 15.23.10

i know he isn’t 2 yet but apparently start the terrible 2’s around 15 months of age.  riley is going through this at the moment like i said in this post about the wobbles.  it is getting a lot better, even with the swimming – he is actually sticking his hands now out to go to the swimming instructor (where he refused to go to her before).  we still have a few wobbles with certain activities in the pool but it is going so much better. 

when this started i could see that he was getting frustrated because he couldn’t express himself – i decided to start teaching him baby sign language.  it is going so well and he is taking to it like a champ.  he can do the eat, more, sleep, bath, milk, drink, diaper, brushing teeth, all done and book signs and we are working on the cat, hurt, happy, cereal, bus and i love you signs.  he loves doing them and i can see what a huge difference this is making with him.  i actually wish i started earlier with this. 

even going through all these big changes in his life (walking and becoming more independent) he is such a happy and content little boy.  on saturday he went to a birthday party.  he LOVED it!! it was held at a soft play area.  this was his first time at one and i was so scared that he will be frightened to try all the things, but he wasn’t at all.  he couldn’t wait to run up the slide and jump into the ball pit, even if he just woke up from his afternoon nap.  we had our hands full, since we had to run after him the whole time and squeeze through little holes while he was exploring it all.  we were so proud of him.  after playing, it was time for some lunch and he was excited and couldn't wait to tuck in.  when we exchanged the chair he was sitting on for a highchair (he was going to fall through the other chair), he got so upset thinking we are taking him away from the table that he started crying.  as soon as he realized he can actually see on the table and reach everything easier, he rewarded us with a huge smile.

this little man makes our hearts swell with pride and love. even if the ‘terrible 2’s’ or wobbles isn’t easy sometimes, i love going through it with our little boy, knowing that this is what is shaping his personality. 

latest photos on my phone

i just can't believe all the colours on the trees and on the ground already.  it makes autumn feel so real.  and isn't my little monster too adorable?

our weekend in photos

we went to streatham & lambeth cemetery and riley went to a birthday party.  riley had so much fun and couldn't get enough of the ball pit.  everywhere we go now you can see that autumn is here, it is just beautiful outside.

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