all over the place

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the last couple of days has been a bit rough, Riley and Wayne got a tummy bug and boys can be so hands on when they are ill.  and i've been feeling a bit...all over the place.

i read this blog post and this is exactly how i feel at this moment.  most days i feel like i barely keep up with my day to day tasks.  i want to be the best, i possibly can, at being a wife to Wayne and mother to Riley.  and this also include taking care of my family the best way i know how.  but like i said i am struggling, doubting myself and always wonder how other women get it right?

that is why i've started, slowly, to take charge of everything.  i've started by going back to meal planning (and sticking to it), creating a daily to do list and a cleaning list.

so therefore i am wishing you, Naomi, and myself the best of luck in achieving this to the best of our abilities.

{photos from our day at deen city farm}

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