15 month old Riley & the wobbles

Sunday, September 29, 2013


this super cute little boy is walking ‘up a storm’ at the moment.  i LOVE how he walks with so much concentration that his tongue is actually sticking out.

i love this age that he is at now.  you can actually see now how observant he is, he holds an iPhone up to his ear and also knows how to swipe left and right to see all of mama’s apps on the screen move (sometimes he can do things on my phone that i didn’t even know was possible), and he will also try to place a hat or sunglasses up onto his head.  he is such a charmer and can get anyone to smile at him, he just loves to catch everybody’s eye (mine, a strangers on the street…) and flashes them a big smile and sometimes even have a huge conversation with them.  he also has a great sense of humour and will laugh a lot about silly things and even things that we find funny.

he loves being the centre of attention, probably because every time he does something we erupt into claps and cheers. he is even starting to clap hands when he did something cute.  i actually love these pleasures of family life.  it’s so simple really:  he took some steps, we applauded. 

he loves throwing toys (and food) on the floor, i am hoping it is just a phase so that he could test out his arm and see how far he can throw these things. 

i know i’ve started a bit late with this, but we are introducing sign language to him, and he is actually pretty good.  he is already picking up the ones for eat and drink.  he is a very talkative little boy, i just wish i could understand him, i can imagine the cool stories he is telling all of us.  he does say a few words like dad, meow, no, banana (for the minions), oupa (grandpa), oh no (his new word that he got from his favourite book: we’re going on a bear hunt) and then he understands quite a few things too.  he understands hugs, kisses, friends' names he sees often, cheese, milk, bye, hallo to name a few.  when we are out & about and he is in his pram, we love to point out the things he knows (flowers, dogs, cats, car, bus and trees) and love to see how his face lights up when he recognise these things.

food:  he still loves cheese, his breakfast (now he likes to eat cereal with me), water, rooibos (redbush) tea, bananas (he even wanted someone’s when we were standing in the queue at the local shop), peanut butter sandwich, jelly, yoghurt, vegetables and popcorn.  he is pretty much eating our food now, i just take his out of the pot before i season it for us.

books:  he LOVES LOVES books.  he has a few favourite ones and he likes paging through new ones that we get from the library.  but i think his favourite one is still, we’re going on a bear hunt – since he wants us to read this book almost every day and he can say oh no and hoo woo (the wind) and we all can ‘read’ this book now without even looking at the pages.  he goes to the library every week, for story time and also for rhyme time – and he loves it there.  he loves paging through the books, walking around and talking to everyone, read the books to other children and giving them books to read themselves too.  we always stay on after the lessons (for about an extra 30min or so) because he loves it so much.  while i pick some books for him to take home, he walks around (with a book in his hand of course) and talk to everyone.

favourite toys:  i’m not too sure if he has a favourite toy because he prefer to play with a box, his books and anything else that’s not a toy.  currently he loves walking around with clean washing (i don’t know why this is), walk around with his books, clean the floor (furniture or anything he can find), he loves playing with his little xylophone he got from his aunty Daleen.  i just think he loves making a mess by unpacking everything and then packing the small things into places that we don’t know about (since we are always looking for our phones, my nail varnish and the remote.

favourite song:  see the bunnies sleeping & zoom, zoom, zoom

favourite game: eeh aah, a game i created where we rub our noses together and then i tickle his face with my eye lashes.  he loves it and if you say eeh aah he will always come running.  he also loves it when we throw him (lightly) with a pillow (my child is so weird) and getting tickled (seeing him laugh is one of our favourite things too, so it’s a win win.

teeth: he still has 6 teeth.  4 at the top and 2 at the bottom.

his daily routine:  he gets up around 7:30-8:30am, milk and then breakfast around 9am (8:30am if he has a early morning playgroup), then playing and snacking until 11-11:30am when he has his morning nap, on a good day he sleeps for about 1-2 hours, then lunch around 1pm (or when he wakes up), after lunch we play and then go for a walk or to a playgroup, then some days he has a afternoon sleep around 4:30-5pm(depends on how tired he is) for about 30-45min, dinner at 6pm, play and spending time with dad until 7.30-7.45pm when its bath time, then milk and sleeping from about 8:15-8.30pm. 

the only downside that i noticed over the last week or so is that with things that he use to love (like swimming), he seems scared now.  he clings to me in the pool and sobs when he needs to go underwater.  i couldn’t understand what is wrong with him – he use to adore everything about swimming.  i had a word with the instructor afterwards and she said that it is normal and just a phase he is going through, they call it wobbles.  this goes hand-in-hand with separation anxiety and it is starts when they start walking because it is confusing for them since they want to explore things on their own, and because they can do this on their own, they get scared to be away from mommy & daddy. so to help with this our swimming lessons will consists of praise, praise, praise; don’t force him to do anything and do only the things he wants to do.  hopefully the phase will go past quickly.


{the washing in basin photos was from last week, when he was ill; and the last photo was taken yesterday, on his 15th month anniversary, when we gave him a piece of chocolate cake that he gobbled up in like 5 seconds and then wanted some more…but didn’t get}.

now until next month when he is 16 months old (Oh my Word!)

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