Wednesday, August 07, 2013

last week was a very busy week! we took advantage of the lovely weather (wasn’t too hot and wasn’t raining) and done the touristy thing with janine.  we went to highgate cemetery, british museum and portobello market.  we also had one of our friends visiting us over the weekend, and they went to camden, leicester square and covent garden on sunday (when i stayed home with riley, since he wasn’t feeling to great).  i’ve not had a chance yet to edit or even look at all the photos we took because riley is such a little cuddle bug when he isn’t feeling great. 

i noticed that i didn’t post any of the photos we took when we where walking on the southbank.  now in the summer they have cool exhibitions all along the south bank, like the queen’s walk window gardens.


and also the Sandy neighbourhood.  that is like a huge sandpit for the kids.  this was the second time riley ever came into contact with sand.  the first was on our holiday in south africa (in cape town), where i think he was still to young to really take note of it – he was only 6 months old then.  when we put him down on the sand, he wasn’t too sure what to make of it, he actually looked like he was saying to us – ‘are you guys CRAZY to put me down on this!’.  the thing is, riley doesn’t like his hands getting dirty at all, he starts rubbing them together for me to clean them.  and so on the sand he refused to touch the sand and totally refuse to crawl in it.  wayne went to sit down next to him and showed him how much fun it is to actually play with it and throw it in the air.  only then did he warm up a bit and try to enjoy it.  it was so funny! i love how thing are still new for him and it makes us just appreciate everything we have around us.

13.08.28RileySand_Collage113.08.28RileySand_Collage213.08.28RileySand_Collage313.08.28RileySand_Collage413.08.28RileySand_Collage513.08.28RileySand_Collage613.07.28 Riley_sand17

we had such a great time! i love summer time!

IMG_493813.07.28 Nips&Steph

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