hi you! happy weekend!

Friday, July 26, 2013

oh my, my little mister is getting so big.  photo on the left taken on our holiday in south africa (mr was around 6 months old) and photo on the right taken a couple of days ago.

this little man is cracking me up these days.

the faces!! and constant chatter!!

the obsession with climbing on the sofas, water (swimming & drinking it), his dummy (only in his pram), ice lollies, packing & unpacking (we are finding things stuffed in any open bag or holder he can find), milkshake, rice cakes and books (he can't get enough of them and wants us to constantly read to him).

and his kissy face is the cutest EVER!

and don't forget the 4 teeth smiles!

basically, i just can't get enough.

have a lovely weekend!

we don't have too much on our agenda besides starting to celebrate my birthday (even if it is only on monday)!

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