being a mommy

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

wayne looked after riley this morning (i had to go for blood tests) and he did such an amazing job - he always tells me that he would love to look after riley but he is a bit scared and not sure if he can do it on his own.  and i think he did amazingly well!

i love this little man to death but think that sometimes i need to do something on my own, even if it is for just 2 hours.  i missed him terribly for those two hours and it felt so strange to be without him, but i seriously needed it.  (and it was so GREAT to see his face lit up when he saw me again. and he rewarded me with the biggest smile and loads of kisses).

this made me realise that i do need some alone time, now and again.  it's hard work being this little man's mommy, but it's also the most rewarding and special calling in life.  even when i have to hold riley as i make food or even when i pee because he doesn't want to let go, i so love every second of it.

have a fantastic 'hump day'!

{photo taken in south africa - 7 March 2013}

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