our weekend in the park

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

we spend saturday & sunday relaxing in the park, while we had some awesome picnic food.

this was also riley's first picnic in the park & he was such a good little boy.  he just LOVED the outside and couldn't get enough of all the people, animals and the trees & blue sky.  

on our way to the park & how beautiful the sky was.
 walking in the park with riley

just relaxing, my family
 my boys
 us again
 my little boy sleeping in the park (he loves to cover his face)
like father, like son
saturday evening my cute little boy surprised us with his first uninterrupted 6 hours sleep (if i new that i would have gone to bed earlier).

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  1. hahaha, this is the cutest photos!!
    you look so pretty sussie... I miss you tons!
    Can't wait for you to visit... Riley is beautiful...

    Love you always... xx


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