series: two months

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

my baby is 2 months old today here is the photos.  the injections yesterday was a horrible experience, it's so heart-breaking to hear & see your child that upset.  the good news is that he got a clean bill of health from the doctor.  the doctor introduced him to flying - that he loved. she said he is a strong and healthy little boy and right on target with all his developmental targets. he currently weighs 5.5kg.

to see how he has grown in a months time:  here is month 1's photos

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  1. I dont know who cried more that evening

    Me or my boy
    shame he was so brave

    growing lovely though
    very proud daddy

  2. aw! he really is gorgeous...
    i'm a proud aunt :)

    love you guys...
    miss you always xx


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