series: two months

my baby is 2 months old today here is the photos.  the injections yesterday was a horrible experience, it's so heart-breaking to hear & see your child that upset.  the good news is that he got a clean bill of health from the doctor.  the doctor introduced him to flying - that he loved. she said he is a strong and healthy little boy and right on target with all his developmental targets. he currently weighs 5.5kg.

to see how he has grown in a months time:  here is month 1's photos

our weekend in leicester

this weekend was our first trip away from home since riley's birth.  it was also the first time in a car for him (3 hours trip) and staying over in a hotel.  it all went so well actually.  he was such a trooper!  he was a bit cranky on sunday after not getting nearly enough sleep, but he had such a good nights rest and the car trip was no problem for him.  he also loved meeting all the new people and loved all the attention.  he enjoyed the little naps he could take in the car and also staring out the window at all the trees.  riley also had his first swim in a swimming pool, and he loved it!

now that we know we can take little trips, we can't wait for the next one!

{this afternoon we will go for rileys first injections, oh my, i'm not looking forward to it!}

8 weeks old

i could be cliche and say how much time has flown but, to be honest, i can hardly remember a life without my little Riley.  this month we have adjusted more to life with a newborn and everything is getting a bit easier.  it's not always easy but whenever i look down at that angelic face i instantly fall in love with him all over again.

he is getting so cute, big and chubby now.  he greets us with a smile every morning when he wakes up.  it is so cute:  he will lay, with his eyes half open,  in his moses basket until one of us look at him, then he will greet us with this big smile and close his eyes again.  he will do this for awhile until he is fully awake.

he is laughing and responding to us and things around him more now.  he loves his black and white shape books and can't wait for his daddy to 'read' them to him.

in regards to sleeping:  most nights he sleeps from 11pm until about 4am for a quick feed and then he will sleep until 7:30am (just in time to say goodbye to his daddy). during the day he takes small little naps here and there.  he is also laughing in his sleep.
he still loves sleeping on his mommy.  he loves being held and rocked (especially when it's time for bed).  he struggles to stay asleep if his arms is not wrapped, so i have to swaddle him for almost every nap.

he is a very alert little boy and awards us with big smiles and 'talking' all the time.
he loves (and laughs) at his silly mommy & daddy when they dance and pull faces.

his neck is very strong and he likes doing mini push ups when he is laying on my chest.  his arms are also strong so that when i hold him, he pulls himself up.  he has recently become fascinated with his hands which he enjoys sucking on far more than his dummy.  he is also starting to clasp his hand together.

he loves the outside and also loves his stroller and baby carrier.  and his favourite part of taking naps during the day is sleeping on his tummy next to mommy on the sofa.  (last week and saturday, 18th Aug the little man had his first tube / underground trip - and he loved it.  he was just staring at all the people on the tube and even gave them smiles).

he dislikes being left on his own for too long and nappy changing is getting a lot better.

his favourite thing is still having a bath, it can be with mom, dad or even in his own bath - even a shower is perfectly fine.

i am so sad that he doesn't fit in his superman clothes anymore (it is a newborn outfit and it still fits around his tummy but the legs are way to short). {above photos taken at 7 weeks & 1 week}.

i'm trying to get him in some kind of routine so still testing to see what works the best for him & for us.

we are of to Dalby (Leicester) this weekend for wayne's work function.  this will be Riley's first trip outside of london and also first time staying over in a hotel (and of course our first time with him).  

life of riley: mommy wakes me up, but i'm so tired

♥  i'm almost 7 weeks old and mom & dad keep on telling me that i'm getting cuter by the day (so it must be true).

♥  i love to sit and relax in my 'bobby pillow' (thank you aunty Elana).  my smiles are more frequent now especially if my mommy & daddy are silly, sing to me, tell me stories & if they pull faces at me.  

♥  i love to mimic my mom & dads facial expressions

♥  i've started to notice the things in my room - like this awesome hot air balloon mobile my mom made me.

♥  this is still a bit strange for me but i had my first 'food' from my dad - and i loved it.  i also bath now with my dad.  i just love to bath - wish i could stay in the water forever (the other day i almost fell asleep in there).

♥  i love 'talking' to my mom & dad especially after a good sleep & some food.

♥  my mom got me the coolest black & white books - i just adore them & can't get enough of them.

♥  my mommy says that i'm getting so big now that i won't be able to fit in my tiny hippo or superman clothes anymore (i'm just wondering who will safe the world now??) ;)

♥  my mommy got me a blue dummy & it's not my favourite thing to put in my mouth but i will try it out just for my mommy.  

♥  my daddy got into so much trouble when my mommy saw my face here - dad should have told me that he ate chocolate in secret in bed, i would have tried not to put my face in the chocolate dad spilled on his chest.

until next time...


hope you all had a great weekend and that the south africans enjoyed their 'snow day' yesterday.  our weekend was great but pretty uneventful.  on saturday we went to movies to watch the new batman movie.  riley was a little trooper and slept through the whole movie with his little earphones on.  for the rest of the day we just watched the olympics.  on sunday we had a wonderful visit from wayne's cousin - riley just loved her.

our little boy is getting so big now and starting to make little noises for everything.  he makes little noises when he is yawning, makes little wolf noises when he is unhappy about something, makes little chipmunk noises when i move him from my arms to his moses basket when he is sleeping, and when he is feeding he makes the cutest cooing noises.

have a great week!

series: one month

i've decided to take a photo of riley every month so that we can see the progress this little one makes over a monthly period.  {his little baby grow says happy hippo.}

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