life of riley: look at my smile

on sunday it was my one month birthday & my mommy's birthday.  we had a relaxing day at home (not really relaxing for my mom & dad because i decided that i didn't want to sleep during the day).
last night my mommy and I had a shower together, for the first time, and it was AWESOME - can't wait for the next one.  i enjoyed it so much that i almost fell asleep in my mommy's arms.
oh and i realised that i LOVE sleeping on my side - but mommy said i'm not allowed to since i'm still a little boy.
check out the video - my mommy can be such a silly billy! xx

month one

tonight at 8:31pm, my little boy will be one month old.  i have no idea how that happened that fast.  time is moving too quickly for me and it makes me cry.  this has been the best month of my life.  it's also been the most painful, but regardless of that, it's been pretty damn incredible.

this little man has changed my (our) life forever.  i love him so much.  i love holding and kissing and cuddling him.  i love feeding him (i actually do now, never thought i would say or feel like that during the first 2 weeks).  i love watching him sleep, even if it means i'm sleep deprived.  i love seeing him with his daddy.  i love seeing how their bond is growing.  i love spending time with 'my boys'.  i love talking, singing & being silly with him.  i love his little sneezes and hiccups and all the cute sounds he makes as he sleeps.  i love his different sleep positions.  i love his 'double sigh' when he is satisfied.  i love seeing his blue eyes when he looks up to me.  i love his little noises he makes when his feeding.  i love his little fat rolls and button nose.  i love knowing that i'm responsible for every fat roll.  i LOVE knowing that no matter what happens in this lifetime, wayne & i will always have this little special person in our lives and that he will bind us together for eternity.  i love how proud he makes me to be his mother.  all in all, i just really love my little riley.

and even though i know hard/difficult times will come, and i know it's hard work - i am so looking forward to month 2, and month 3, and all the months after that.

week 3

people i am already 3 weeks old!

friday:  20 July:  i went with mummy on the train to wimbledon to meet some people from south africa (i didn't get to meet them because i was fast asleep).  {i met my friend liezl's mom & dad - and had a fantastic time - thank you again for the awesome presents}
saturday: 21 July:  it's my dad's birthday today and to show him how much i love him, i shared some milk with him (fine, i know i spit it up, but i did share).  after some more food, we left to go and watch spiderman.  my daddy told me that it was pretty awesome - but again i missed it by sleeping through the movie.  it was my mum & dad's fault i fell asleep because my pram & earphones was so cosy, i couldn't stay awake. 
monday: 22 July:  after sleeping like a good boy (my mom & dad said i was) in my moses basket for the first time all night; i spent the day with my mom since my dad had to work.  mommy made such a big deal about the sunny weather today & she also took me outside for a quick trip to town.

♥ until next time 

husband's birthday weekend

this year wayne said that he didn't want anything for his birthday because he has everything he's ever wanted.  but if i do want to treat him to something; he would love to go and see the new spiderman movie & have a home-cooked steak meal. 
so i bought a catterpillar cake for wayne; we went to see spiderman (riley had these cute - bit too big - baby earphones on his ears, to protect his new ears) and cooked a steak meal for the birthday boy.  riley had so much fun that he slept through the whole movie.
{what we did for wayne's birthday last year & the joint BBQ last year}

happy birthday my wonderful, husband!!

happy happy birthday my love!!

every year i love you even more than the year before! this year was no different, i also realised how lucky i am to have you in my life - to see how you treat my family & how much they love you; how much katinka loves & adores you; how great you where with me during the pregnancy & birth of our little man and also what a fantastic father & husband you are.  

i love you so much!!

happy friday!!

i'm super friendly when my tummy is full!

have a great weekend! hopefully the weather isn't too bad tomorrow so that we can go out for wayne's birthday.

the last week or 2 on my phone

sorry for the overload of photos - but i couldn't decide which photos to use and which not.

here is a day by day 'life of Riley' account of the last 2 & half weeks of his life:
28 June:  mommy's contractions started at 2am
29 June:  i'm born at 8:31pm (stay in a private room with mommy & daddy)
30 June:  me and mommy got moved to general ward
1 July:  discharged at around 6pm - uncle Henning & aunty Jolene came to pick us up
2 July:  midwife came for a house visit to check up on me & Mommy
3 July:  my umbilical cord fell off
4 July:  i showed daddy how it's done by peeing on mommy & daddy for the very first time.  midwife appointment at Lavender centre.  weight:  3.4kg (only lost 60g since birth).  i'm 5 days old.  this was also the first time we went outside & i got to be in my stokke baby carrier.
8 July:  farted in moms face & dad was so proud & he couldn't stop laughing; then i peed on my dad.
9 July:  i had my first bath in the sink & HATED it.  i cried so hard & was so sad that i had my mom in tears.
10 July:  mom & dad tried the bath thing again - this time in the room in my plastic bath & this time i LOVED it
11 July:  we went for a walk into town & while mom & dad had a coffee at cafe nero - i had some food (breastfed for the first time in public).  went for another midwife appointment, now my weight is 3.8kg.  i love my mommy's milk.
12 July:  made a video for aunty heleen in SA - for her birthday.  went for my first bus trip (we waited so long for a bus, about 45min) and my first time in my 'ferrari' (stokke pram).  we took the bus to wandsworth register office to register my birth.  as a little treat & to celebrate, we had dinner at Spur.  on our way back home i started to cry so mommy picked me up and i charmed all the people on the bus.
13 July:  made another birthday video but this time for aunty karlien.  went for my first train trip to wimbledon.  slept while mom & dad walked around.  but made sure they remembered that i'm the important one by exercising my vocals on our way back.
14 July:  uncle Henning, aunty Jolene, aunty Natalie & Zoe & Lily came for a visit
15 July:  uncle Gary, aunty Jacqui & Maddy came for a visit
16 July:  just me and mom at home today.  dad went back to work.  i decided to be a good boy since i noticed that mom was a bit sad all day.
17 July:  i wanted to show mom & dad that they should be lucky that i'm most of the time a good boy and i did this by being really difficult last night, refusing to sleep (calmed down around 3am) & all i want to do is eat, eat and eat some more.  mom thinks it was me having a growth spurt.

this weekend is wayne's birthday - let's hope the weather is great (even if it's overcast - just no rain), so that we can go to the park or go somewhere at least.

our little man is here

on friday, 29th June 2012 at 8:31pm in london, UK he was born as a happy, healthy 3.460kg & 55cm little boy.
here is our little handsome Riley Wayne Swan.
this week has been exhausting but has truly been the BEST days of our lives!  we are so in love with this little man & can't stop staring and kissing him.  we adore the little sounds he make, the different cries he tries, the little chin quiver when he is upset and his constant need of wanting to be held close.  at this moment Riley hates getting his nappy changed but LOVES his dad's rocking, food & naps.
i am so grateful that my lovely husband is here at home with us now for 2 weeks, and i appreciate his help so much.
on our way to the hospital
our delivery room
our little man is here
proud daddy
flowers & teddy from my work

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