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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

now that my maternity leave is FAST approaching, i’ve started to look at all the creative ideas on the web for ducky’s room & what i can make myself.

here is a few of the ideas i really like:

{click on the images for links to the websites}

  1. LOVE everything about that nursery
  2. cloud mobile
  3. stuffed animals on the changing table
  4. the curtains
  5. material book
  6. origami mobile
  7. yellow crib
  8. all the different colours in this nursery – so colourful!

i can’t wait to get his room ready!

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  1. oh cool!! great ideas!! i love the cloud mobile... and the origami one... but i think my favourite is the drawn monster that are stuck to the wall and I like the dried out tree branch the origami mobile hangs from :) that a bit different :)

    can't wait to see your nursery for ducky!
    I miss you tons, and wish I was there to help you out!!

    love you both... always...

    1. it would be so AWESOME if you could come and help me out!! love you!! xxx


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