33 weeks!

Monday, May 14, 2012

i’m really starting to feel pregnant and my tummy is getting HUGE!  the time has gone by so quickly that it just seems like i shouldn't’ be this big yet!  aaaand i have still not worn a single piece of maternity clothing! wooohoo for me (and my finances)!!

it’s also been raining cats & dogs around here (non-stop actually).  i was happy about the rain because we didn’t get a lot during winter BUT i am so ready for sunshine! we did have a bit of sun on saturday but wayne had to work the whole day so, to enjoy the sun; i ate my breakfast & lunch outside.  (but it is still not warm enough to wear short sleeves). 

how far along? 33 weeks
maternity clothes?  nothing, yay me!!
sleep?   not that bad actually, only have to get up once during the night to go and pee (and that’s not even every night).
best moment this week?  his little feet in my ribs (even if it is on the sore side & not very comfortable) it is still cute!!
miss anything?  nothing really.  
movement?  all the time!!  he is SUPER active from about 11am until about 3pm and then again active from about 8pm until 11pm.  he still prefers my right side & my ribs.
food cravings?  frozen yoghurt and ice cream
anything making you queasy or sick? nothing for this week.  
ducky's size?  44cm from head to heel.
ducky's weight?  2kg (same as a fresh coconut)
size of bump?  32cm
interesting facts about ducky?  ♥ ducky’s skull is still soft but the rest of his bones in his body are hardening.  ♥   he may have a mop of hair by now.  ♥ he will be putting on about 224g of weight per week.  
what Ducky is currently doing?  ♥  he is busy moving his head down into my pelvis (that’s the reason for me wanting to pee all the time). ♥ testing out his 5 senses:  he can see the liquid world around him; feel sensation when he grabs a toe or sucks on a finger; taste the amniotic fluid he's swallowing; and hear your heartbeat, your voice, and the rumble of your stomach. Of course, there's no air in the amniotic sac to carry scent, but if there were, he could also smell his environment.
labour signs?  nope
belly button in or out?  in
wedding rings or or off? on
happy or moody? super happy and excited to meet this little man!
looking forward to? listening to his heartbeat on friday. and this is also my last week at work!! woohoo! last time (for a while) to travel in peak time to work & back.  last time (for a while) to encounter super rude people on the trains, who ignore the fact that my tummy is in their faces and still refuse to get up for this pregnant lady.
what mommy is feeling?  ♥ i’m honestly feeling great even if i’m not as mobile as normal!  ♥ starting to get a bit short of breath when i go up all the stairs at the tube & train stations.  ♥ panicky because i read on all the websites that how important it is to have your hospital bag already packed – but ducky’s room isn’t even ready yet, so how can i think about a hospital bag… ♥ i forget sometimes that i have a bump & try to squeeze into place or standing to close to drawers & cupboards when i open them.  ♥ i can’t sit still in one position for too long. 

have a fun week!! xxx

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  1. wow wow wow....what a beautiful picture of yourself, OMG... i feel like the luckiest guy in the world... You are so beautiful my girl and glowing so lovely. I cant believe what great progress you have made and im so blessed to have you in my life and I want to say thanks for the greatest gift ever. love you my girl.

  2. aw !! you look so beautiful!! gorgeous photo of you!! i miss you so much!! the time is near, and i can only imagine how excited you are, because I'm not even the pregnant one, or there with you, but I cant wait to see the little guy, only if it's just a photo!

    i wish so badly that somebody would just invent teleportation, so that i can zap right there with you in a second...

    miss you guys so much! and can't wait to see you in November/December...
    Love you always!! xx


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