day trip to Cambridge

we had such a lovely time in cambridge on saturday.  we went with a tour group for the day and even though the weather was overcast, at least it wasn't raining.  i would LOVE to live in a lovely town like this.  

here are a few photos - we can't wait to go there on a sunny day!
on our way to Cambridge, we saw:  
everything is so green {look at the river on the left - and yes that is a river stream}
it has pretty bridges (with the river Cam)
over 30,000 bicycles 
loads and loads of old buildings

 {these are all university buildings}

interesting signs, doorbells & statues

even the Newton tree (was outside of Isaac Newton's lab window) at Trinity College.  this is an ancestor of the original tree.
we had a well deserving lunch (at Tatties) before we attempted the 123 steps up St Mary's church tower

the stairs up St Mary's church  & me having a rest at the top

the pulling ropes for ringing the bells (one of the only churches in UK that still have people pulling the bells)
the view from the top (Kings College on the left).  the 123 steps is definitely not for a 34 week pregnant women but the view was just AWESOME.
this old pub, the Eagle, is where Francis Crick interrupted patrons' lunchtime on 28 February 1953 to announce that he and James Watson had "discovered the secret of life" after they had come up with their proposal for the structure of DNA.  {the reason for the open window - is because there was a fire a couple of hundred years ago and 2 children died because they couldn't get the window open.  since then the window has always been left open and it is even claimed that this has been written into the lease of the building}.
 on our way back to the bus we saw a punter losing his punting pole in the river Cam when it got stuck in the river bed.  very funny & embarrassing for a professional punter.
the last few photos before we took the bust trip (only 2 hours from london) back to london

ducky’s nursery ideas

now that my maternity leave is FAST approaching, i’ve started to look at all the creative ideas on the web for ducky’s room & what i can make myself.

here is a few of the ideas i really like:

{click on the images for links to the websites}

  1. LOVE everything about that nursery
  2. cloud mobile
  3. stuffed animals on the changing table
  4. the curtains
  5. material book
  6. origami mobile
  7. yellow crib
  8. all the different colours in this nursery – so colourful!

i can’t wait to get his room ready!

33 weeks!

i’m really starting to feel pregnant and my tummy is getting HUGE!  the time has gone by so quickly that it just seems like i shouldn't’ be this big yet!  aaaand i have still not worn a single piece of maternity clothing! wooohoo for me (and my finances)!!

it’s also been raining cats & dogs around here (non-stop actually).  i was happy about the rain because we didn’t get a lot during winter BUT i am so ready for sunshine! we did have a bit of sun on saturday but wayne had to work the whole day so, to enjoy the sun; i ate my breakfast & lunch outside.  (but it is still not warm enough to wear short sleeves). 

how far along? 33 weeks
maternity clothes?  nothing, yay me!!
sleep?   not that bad actually, only have to get up once during the night to go and pee (and that’s not even every night).
best moment this week?  his little feet in my ribs (even if it is on the sore side & not very comfortable) it is still cute!!
miss anything?  nothing really.  
movement?  all the time!!  he is SUPER active from about 11am until about 3pm and then again active from about 8pm until 11pm.  he still prefers my right side & my ribs.
food cravings?  frozen yoghurt and ice cream
anything making you queasy or sick? nothing for this week.  
ducky's size?  44cm from head to heel.
ducky's weight?  2kg (same as a fresh coconut)
size of bump?  32cm
interesting facts about ducky?  ♥ ducky’s skull is still soft but the rest of his bones in his body are hardening.  ♥   he may have a mop of hair by now.  ♥ he will be putting on about 224g of weight per week.  
what Ducky is currently doing?  ♥  he is busy moving his head down into my pelvis (that’s the reason for me wanting to pee all the time). ♥ testing out his 5 senses:  he can see the liquid world around him; feel sensation when he grabs a toe or sucks on a finger; taste the amniotic fluid he's swallowing; and hear your heartbeat, your voice, and the rumble of your stomach. Of course, there's no air in the amniotic sac to carry scent, but if there were, he could also smell his environment.
labour signs?  nope
belly button in or out?  in
wedding rings or or off? on
happy or moody? super happy and excited to meet this little man!
looking forward to? listening to his heartbeat on friday. and this is also my last week at work!! woohoo! last time (for a while) to travel in peak time to work & back.  last time (for a while) to encounter super rude people on the trains, who ignore the fact that my tummy is in their faces and still refuse to get up for this pregnant lady.
what mommy is feeling?  ♥ i’m honestly feeling great even if i’m not as mobile as normal!  ♥ starting to get a bit short of breath when i go up all the stairs at the tube & train stations.  ♥ panicky because i read on all the websites that how important it is to have your hospital bag already packed – but ducky’s room isn’t even ready yet, so how can i think about a hospital bag… ♥ i forget sometimes that i have a bump & try to squeeze into place or standing to close to drawers & cupboards when i open them.  ♥ i can’t sit still in one position for too long. 

have a fun week!! xxx

happy happy birthday!!

to my brother-in-law!!

have a FANTASTIC day full of LOVE and HAPPINESS!  you are the best ‘swaertjie’ (brother-in-law)!!!!!  i miss you xx

{photo taken at our wedding last year}

cape town back in the day

i got this email in the week and thought i would share with you all how Cape Town has changed and developed to what it is today.   I only included a couple of recent photos but it is still pretty amazing to go back into Cape Town’s history.

Orange street, Cape Town in 1870

image006 The naval base of Simon’s Town in 1900

Simon’s Town now.

image007Welgemeend is one of the oldest surviving houses in Cape Town and was build in 1700. Photo taken in 1901.

Welgemeend now.

image001 Lions head then

and now

image009 The old Pier was completed in 1910 and became a popular spot for Capetonians.  This photo was taken in 1911.  The Pier was demolished in 1939 because 400 acres of land was reclaimed from the sea. (Foreshore was built).

image010 The Foreshore in 1948.  The Foreshore was built in 1945, but due to the economic climate after the war, it took a while to be properly utilized.

This is Cape Town Foreshore now in 2010. (where old Pier use to be)

image013 The first Cape Argus cycle tour took place in 1978, with 525 people taking part.

The Cape Argus cycle tour in 2012, with 36,000 people taking part.

image005 Woodstock use to have it’s own beach before the Foreshore was built.  Photo taken in 1899. (click here to see Woodstock on a map – where it is located after the reclaiming of land).

image004  De Waal Park in 1898 & in 2011

image008The lime kilns in Mowbray in 1910 (Table Mountain in the background). 

image011 The view from Blouberg in 1950. {all images via: here & info via: here}

Hope you all enjoyed that little look in Cape Town’s history.

On this historical note:  have a FANTASTIC weekend!

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