our rainy weekend that turned out to be sunny

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

the weather people warned us that it will be a horrible, rainy & miserable weekend – so we didn’t make any major plans.  saturday was overcast & cold BUT when we got up on sunday & saw blue skies & sunshine, we decided to take advantage of it and go walk around King George’s Park in Wandsworth.  the park was so green and full of spring flowers and we ended up sitting in the sun for more 4 hours.

let’s hope for more sunny weekends like this Open-mouthed smile.

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  1. such cool photos!!
    truly awesome! and you are so lucky to have such wonderful weather, winter is early here in Pretoria this year, we are all wearing jackets and boots... but there's still a little sunshine in the afternoons...

    love and miss you... all 3 of you!


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