27 weeks–almost in my 3rd trimester!

Monday, April 02, 2012

how far along? 27 weeks
maternity clothes?  still nothing
sleep?   i sleep now A LOT better since i got my maternity pillow but still wake up a bit. 
best moment this week?  ducky calming down as soon as wayne starts singing and reading for him. 
miss anything?  some summer weather but pregnancy related…nothing really.  
movement?  all the time!!  i am trying to work out now what’s his head & bum. 
food cravings?  nothing for this week
anything making you queasy or sick? nothing for this week.  
ducky's size?  37cm from head to heel.
ducky's weight?  900g
interesting facts about ducky?  ♥ ducky is sleeping & waking at regular intervals.  ♥ ducky’s little eyes are opening & closing now. ♥ ducky is perhaps even sucking on his fingers.  ♥  i might even start to feel ducky having the hiccups.     
labour signs?  nope
belly button in or out?  in
wedding rings or or off? on
happy or moody? super happy!
looking forward to? next appointment on saturday (7th April) to listen to ducky’s little heartbeat AND to the Easter weekend coming up!
what mommy is feeling♥ Pretty GREAT!! pregnancy brain is a bit of an issue for me at the moment.  i’m not use to forgetting stuff!  for example:  wayne asked me the other day if i threw away some spoilt fruit in our recycling bin (since it was collection day) and my answer to wayne was:  YES, i’ve done it! the next morning (after collection) he opened the fridge & saw the fruit & then he asked me again if i threw it away, and again i replied YES!  he told me then that i didn’t because it is still in the fridge.  i didn’t believe him because i remember going to the bin and throwing it out.  and i argued with him about this, so that he eventually told me to come and have a look in the fridge.  i just couldn’t believe that i didn’t do it! (i still think i threw it out but someway or another they ended back in the fridge).

in other news:


this long weekend we were all hoping for some  lovely hot & sunny weather like we had the last couple of days (photo above taken on sunday) BUT this was the heading in the papers this morning:

From sunshine to snow in two days: Severe weather warnings issued (click on link to view the article).

so NO sunny weather for us this weekend!

on that lovely note – have a great week!

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  1. im so proud of you, you have been a real Gem with this little boy inside of you, coping so well without complaining. I did enjoy reading to him the other day and I need to make more effort to sing to him more often.. we all know its my soothing soul voice that calms this child.
    love you sweets

  2. aw, i can't wait for ducky to be born! i want to see him!! miss the little guy so much... and you of course :)
    hahaha, can only imagine how the pregnancy brain is irritating you, since you are one of the only people in the family with no problem remembering stuff.

    love and miss you always! xx


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