21 weeks

Monday, February 20, 2012

last week’s (20 weeks) update was very late, sorry for that – but here is the 21 week pregnancy update (on time):

how far along? 21 weeks
maternity clothes?  still nothing
sleep?   i do wake up a few times during the night when my hips get sore (and then i keep wayne out of sleep – sorry for that my wonderful husband).  i can’t wait for my maternity pillow.
best moment this week?  feeling the baby starting to move in my tummy.  AND seeing wayne’s excited face now that he can feel ducky too!
miss anything?  sleeping on my back.  mayonnaise on a fish finger sandwich.
movement?  yes i am starting to feel this little one
food cravings?  nothing for this week
anything making you queasy or sick? still the brushing my teeth thing & i still can’t eat cereal.  
have you started to show yet? Yes 
ducky's size?  27cm (was 26cm last week) from head to heel – this is the length of a carrot & almost a ruler.
ducky's weight?  360g (from last weeks 300g)
interesting facts about ducky?  ♥ ducky’s eyebrows & lids are present now.  ♥ ducky’s eyelids are still closed, this is to help protect against wandering hands & toes. ♥ ducky will still be able to tell between light and dark though.  ♥  i will soon feel ducky practicing his martial art skills in my tummy – will then feel full fledged kicks and jabs.     
labour signs?  nope
belly button in or out?  in
wedding rings or or off? on
happy or moody? super happy!
looking forward to? my scan on the 24th Feb & going home for 2 weeks in March
what mommy is feeling♥ pretty great!  i had swollen feet the other night but it went away -  so now i lift my feet up as soon as i get a chance.

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  1. Feeling ducky for the first time was very special... I sometimes have to sit back and realise that theres a little bit of me and you inside your stomach. Im feeling very exicited and looking forward to the last few months of joy together before we add this wonderful baby into our lives and our familys lives.

    be strong stephanie.. we all love you and I know... infact Id stake everything on that you will be a wonderful mother.
    love you for ever

  2. Wow! can't believe you are 21 weeks already! I'm super excited that you and Wayne started to feel ducky moving! I can't wait to feel him/her myself! Miss you so much! Can't wait for your visit in March!

    love you always and always!!



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