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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

row 1:  old buildings in london & british flag
row 2:  autumn leaves in our back garden & an old  funny shaped tree in the park
row 3:  halloween decorations at the spur restaurant & wayne with his popcorn goodie bag at the movies
row 4:  the only cars we can afford
row 5:  jacaranda tree in south africa (from my sister, heleen) & autumn tree near our house
row 6:  my sister heleen and christiaan (my cousins little boy) & katinka
row 7:  my sister karlien sent me these awesome photos of katinka & her feet slippers
{source:  click on image}
we went to see the adventures of tintin over the weekend & the CGI is just AMAZING but i didn’t like it, it was a bit boring for me & also felt like it took FOREVER to finish.  wayne actually enjoyed it more than me, but i think it’s got to do with the fact that he actually read the comic books when he was younger and i didn’t.

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  1. oh wow! cool photos! i must say your phone takes beautiful photos! love you always and always... xx


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