weekend recap

Monday, October 10, 2011

this weekend was SO cold, especially if you have to compare it to last weekend.

we went down to the first renegade craft fair at the old truman brewery.  wayne said that it was for him like camden with all the small little stalls & weird little shops.  it was so interesting to see all these different food stalls and quirky painted coffee shops (on the right)

this area of london is famous for its creative graffiti - loads of banksy street art (graffiti)
here is a few AWESOME street art paintings we came across:
 the bird on the right is HUGE - it is painted on a 3 storey building

the photo on the right is just a plain plastered wall - the brick you see there is painted on

this is just amazing

wayne's favourite.  it is peeling off but still cute

the truman brewery was this HUGE brewery in london that closed in 1988.  the buildings & warehouses was huge & has since been transformed and house over 250 businesses.  some of the old buildings still stand  in brick lane where they have become home to an arts and events centre and various fashionable shops and bars.  

liverpool street station (on our way home)

little goat statue & the liverpool station building.

hope you all had a fantastic weekend! 
have a great week!!

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  1. wow, these photos are stunning, and those graffiti and pictures on the buildings is amazing! looks like you had a wonderful time! wish I was there with you !

    love you always!!

  2. I love the top right photo - the "quirky painted coffee shop". Such great design, color, and texture!
    PS. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog/ xo

  3. the wall art looks lovely! i snapped a few pics of epic grafitti outside waterloo station when i was in London :)


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