weekend re-cap

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

this was another rainy weekend at least we got to see a rainbow, not JUST one but TWO! one on saturday and also one on sunday.

saturday's one

sunday's one
we had breakfast at our favourite place, the pantry.
 saturday evening we had a lovely pancake dinner with friends.  (i took photos below, while sitting in the bus - on our way to their flat).  left - old tooting sign & street lights.  right - old brewery in wandsworth.

sunday we were lucky enough to get invited to a pre-screening of the new The Pirates In an Adventure with Scientist movie that will only be released in march 2012.  i will tell you more about this in my movie tuesday post, later today.

on our way the movie theatre.

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend & wish you all a fantastic week!

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  1. wow, your weekend sounds awesome, love the photos of the rainbows :)
    and the last photo of you and wayne!

    I love you always my sis!



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