Book: Touch the Dark (Cassandra Palmer #1)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

this is the first book in the series about Cassandra Palmer written by Karen Chance


Touch the Dark is the first novel in a new series, featuring Cassandra Palmer.  Cassie is a clairvoyant, who can see visions of the future as well as communicate with the spirits of the dead.  And following the murder of her parents, was brought up in a vampire mafia family.  Then se ran away.  Tony, the un-dead godfather of the vampire mob, is looking for her, along with other interested parties.  This forces her to turn to the vampire Senate for protection.  But the price they demand may be more than Cassie is willing to pay. 

In addition to vampire clans, the book also includes human mages, demons, were creatures, ghosts, pixies and allegedly elves. 


My review:

i’m a bit conflicted with this one.  it’s very good, but at the same time, i had some issues reading it.

my first issue was that it’s a bit like a history overload.  from dracula’s brother, rasputin, rapheal (the artist) and even jack the ripper pops up in this book.  this makes it feel very cramped. 

i don’t know if it was because of this, that i felt a bit confused at times or, just because the scenes changed somewhat abruptly in the book.

the book does end suddenly and was left opened with a lot of questions but luckily i can go onto the next book (that i heard was even better than this one).

the good things in this book were that the story felt unique and different.  the main characters are very enjoyable and fascinating, so that i cant wait to read the next one:  Claimed by Shadow.  the action in this book is fantastic.  violent but fit in quite well in this violent world & also the storyline.

this book definitely has some down points but yet, i wanted to keep reading.  i wasn’t disappointed with karen chance’s first effort.  this book is unique and establishes her place in the world of urban fantasy.  so all i can say is:  bring on more cassie adventures!

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  1. oh! this sounds like something I would love to read, I like history, and would be pretty awesome having scenes and pieces of rasputin, rapheal, dracula's brother, sounds awesome!
    also, the I think I might be confused with the abrupt scene changes and I might get a bit lost, but I think I would love reading this book though...

    love you!


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