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Sunday, September 11, 2011

last week we eventually applied for my passports, ID book and new bank cards in my new surname.  i know it took me awhile but at least i've done it now.

to apply for my south african passport & ID book was a nightmare.  we had to go there TWICE because they don't tell you anything on their website and on if you try to phone, you only get a voicemail service and the NEVER phone you back.  and their customer service at the embassy is appalling.  so i've applied for that now and will probably only get this in 6 months time (if i'm lucky).  to apply for my british passport was so easy, i went to the post office and they checked everything for me and, guess what, on friday i got my new passport and all my original paperwork back - it only took them a week!

after we applied for all this stuff, we decided to walk around in central london...

trafalgar square with the 2012 olympics clock in the back.

statue of king george IV in trafalgar square; and a very small police station on the corner of the square - this is not in use anymore because of mobile phones (cellphones).  before they came into use a police officer was stationed there to have access to a emergency phone if something happens in this busy square.

on our way back home we stopped for lunch in the park, wayne tested his balance & saw lounge chairs packed out for people to enjoy the summer (that never happened).
have a happy sunday!
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  1. I loved the photos, I'm glad everything is at least done, and you'll get it soon enough, anything south-african is always a nightmare... :) i love you so much! xx

    enjoy your sunday!


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