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Friday, August 12, 2011

walking to work this week, i noticed that a lot of the trees have started to change their leafs from green to brown, meaning that autumn is around the corner.  i can’t believe it’s that time of the year already.  i seriously think that london picked the short straw for summer this year (it was practically NON existent). 

autumn coloured leafs (can’t really see the one on the right; but it is – i promise)

a few i noticed on the ground

yellow coloured one’s

all the parks are looking like this now, green but full of brown leafs; beautiful white ‘fluffy’ clouds

i’m like a zebra today in my stripy dress; and my office numbers.

yummy frozen yoghurt – i had plain yoghurt with pomegranates. 

oh, and the title of my post today is from Friends, season 4:  The One with all the Haste; where Phoebe invented her game (“Phoebeball, No, it doesn’t have a name”) so that Rachel & Monica can get their flat back from the boys (Chandler & Joey).  no one understood the game so they decided to pick a card from a deck.  i always think of that line she said when i see all the leafs.

i wish you all a fantastic weekend & friday!

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  1. hahahaha! that's funny! i remember that episode, makes me want to watch them all again!
    the leafs look great, can't believe it's starting to become autumn already, and spring here in SA, i'm actually glad, I think this might have been the longest winter ever! It really feels like it!

    miss you always, and love you always



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