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Friday, July 01, 2011

this is what we have been up to over the weekend (sorry a bit late with these photos – almost weekend again) & iphone photos for the week.

i baked a cheesecake

created & posted our thank you cards:

i created a little breakfast nook in the kitchen

we had our first summer’s day here in london on sunday & we took advantage of that by having a bbq (braai) in our back garden.  it doesn’t look like much in our garden – but at least we have an outside area.

here is my iphone photos of the week:

one of our dinners from this week:  fish & green beans with rice;  i had to go to a eye specialist yesterday & walked past the library close to my work (pretty cool statue & pillars); london is so pretty and green at the moment, al i want to do is just take photos & spend my days outside.

hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend!!                                                                                         {this is godric & he keeps our cookies safe & dry for us to enjoy}

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  1. oh i love the photos, looks like you had a very productive weekend and week! :)
    the cheesecake looks so delicious, why do you never bake when you visit us in SA? :)
    Love what you've done with the breakfast nook and I seriously can't wait for my thank you cards! :) yay!

    I'm so happy it's friday, and I hope you have a sunny and warm weekend again (without rain) ...
    Love you always my big sis! :)

    xxx Missing you tuns!


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