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Friday, July 08, 2011

this week in london it was just non-stop rain and more rain (except for the lovely summers day we had on monday).

with all the rain i had to brighten up my week:  so i had lunch with my great friend Willie!

i take a train to work every day & my final destination is the magnificent kings cross station.  this is such an amazing building – it looks even better now that most of the restoration work are finished.  king’s cross station is also the station where they filmed harry potter & the 9 3/4 platform:

Platform 9 3/4{you can find this at king’s cross station as a memorabilia for the harry potter movies}.

it was also the premier of the last harry potter here in london last night. this took place in trafalgar square and the red carpet was a whopping 1.2km long (believed to be the longest in the world) all the way to leicester square where the film was screened.  the reason for this was because leicester square is currently undergoing extensive construction.  fans came from all over the world for the premier and some have camped out in trafalgar square for almost a week.  it’s pretty amazing if you think that it’s been 10 years since the first movie came out AND it took JK Rowling 10 years to write the books.  i can’t wait to go and watch it!

wayne is working the whole weekend, so i am hoping for some sunshine & heat this weekend.

i’m hoping you all have a fantastic weekend and make the most of it!

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  1. oh love the photos! Kings cross station really is amazing! ;)


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