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Thursday, July 28, 2011

i asked my lovely sister, janine from black sheep, to email me her favourite photos of us & the reason why it’s her favourite.  this is what she came up with:

This is definitely my favourite photo of Wayne, not only because I took it (hehe), but I love how it portrays his style (unique and edgy). the photos softness and brightness resembles His kindness of heart, his softness and sweet heart for my amazing sister, his family and as a brother-in-law and his bright and kindred spirit!  {I took this photo at Sammy Marks when they went for their pre-wedding photo shoot}.
This is certainly my favourite photo of Stephanie, she's so beautiful, has the most gorgeous eyes in the world and such a pretty smile that can bright any persons day! This photo portrays her perfectly, her beauty and inner-beauty, her kindness and all the love she gives to so many of us!

Lastly, this is my favourite photo of Stephanie and Wayne together. This was taken by Hannelie for their pre-wedding photo shoot. I love this photo! They are truly the perfect couple and I can see the love they have for each other, it also portrays their fun and kindred side (which both of them have plenty of).

thank you my lovely sister for this!  i do LOVE these photos you chose!

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  1. It was the biggest pleasure! :) love you always and always!

    missing you both so much!
    visit soon!? xx

  2. aaah thanks NIPs


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