what’s in MY bag

Friday, June 17, 2011

my lovely sister, Janine, did this awhile ago and i’ve been meaning to do this.

so here is what’s in my tiny handbag for today with it’s contents. 

the thing is that this is only the handbag part – i carry a separate bag with my lunch box, current book i’m reading & make-up (and other paperwork).

left:  my tiny New Look handbag


  1. My Marks & Spencer’s wallet
  2. Earphones from Skullcandy (in this very cute little bag)
  3. Lipstick from MaXfFactor (Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint)
  4. Labello lip balm (all the way from south africa – the only lip balm i LOVE)
  5. My HUGE bundle of keys – actually only about 4 keys on the chain BUT i have about 10 different key chains on there (to wayne’s frustration.
  6. My Oyster travel card cover from Paperchase this is for traveling on the public transport everyday
  7. Tin of Strong Mints from Marks & Spencer’s
  8. Anthropologie Lip Repair Balm – Fig & Rouge
  9. My Oakley sunglasses and the white bag that came with it
  10. A few hairpins (just made the photo)

i also had my iphone in my bag with it’s owl cover from Paperchase and a pink notebook.

i normally have my mini diana camera in my bag but i took it out when we went to venice and i haven’t put it back yet.  at the moment i am using my iphone for taking photos during the day (that is probably why i have 921 photos on there).

our friend, robin, got here yesterday from cape town and brought with him all our wedding photos & also my wedding album.  now i am going to drive you all insane with all the wedding photos and also the pre-wedding photos.  here is a little taster.  this was taken for our pre-wedding shoot at sammy marks house in pretoria. {photo taken by the amazing hannalee}

and on that note – i am wishing you all a fantastic weekend!!

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  1. oh yay! You finally did the "whats in my bag" post! :) I love it...
    Love the iPhone cover, so cute!

    The photos are amazing from your pre-wedding shoot, I can't wait to see the rest! I'm so excited!! :D


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