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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

on friday the lovely weather people told us that we can expect a heat wave over the weekend.  for londoners this is the GREATEST news EVER! saturday was such a lovely sunny day – hot but not too hot.  and then sunday came… it rained and rained and it was cold (only max of 12 degrees celsius).  so the heat wave went straight past us.
sunday we went down to regent street (close to oxford circus & has the famous Hamleys Toy Store) since it was the annual spanish street festival.  we went to last year’s one and we had so much fun – but this year was kind of rubbish.  it was probably because of the rain but there wasn’t a lot of entertainment or even stalls in the street.  here is a few photos:
they had different stalls for different areas in spain. for example ibiza had sand and seats to sit on – for that relaxing feeling.
after the festival we went to see x-men, the last stand.  i thought it was so good.  i enjoyed the storyline because they gave us a bit of background about all the main characters like magneto, mystique & prof x.  and that was our weekend.
last night i thought i would try something new for dinner.  like i always do.  i felt like making chicken pies.  i’ve never made a pie before in my life.  i don’t even have a pie dish – so i improvised.  i rolled out the puff pastry for the pies & placed them in a muffin tray, prepared all the ingredients & scooped all of that on the pastry (in the tray) and then closed the little pies with dough & shoved this in the oven.  i made some veggies with this. and tada..

it was SO SO good (doesn’t look to pretty though).  even hubby loved it!
i wish you all a fantastic week & i will add more photos on here from the festival.

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  1. loved the chicken pie idea! so cute! sorry the festival was a bummer, I know how excited you were to go again this year... hopefully next year will be amazing! :)
    love you and missing you always

  2. Hi steph

    you are amazing

    the food was awsome, so tipical of you to make something so boring into something so tasty and something I definately would love to have again.

    I thought X-men was okay
    the spanish fest was so so, nothing great, think the weather spoilt it for me.

    Im exicted about what you might CON-JOR up tonight for dinner.

    love you


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