circus love…

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

i LOVE candy floss or ‘spookasem’ in Afrikaans.  i found these few pics when the ‘circus came to town’.

have a great week!


PS we didn’t get up to much this weekend.  it was a non-stop raining weekend & we spend our time doing some house work & relaxing.

PPS i am SUPER excited for thursday – wayne’s friend robin is coming for a europe tour and will spend a couple of days with us – AND he is bringing my wedding photos, photo album & marriage certificate with him!!

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  1. ohhhh! loving the moving pictures of the spookasem! :)
    wow, can't believe you're finally getting your photo album and rest of your wedding photos! YOU HAVE TO SEND ME SOME PHOTOS!!

    love you always...


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