friday, baby!

Friday, April 15, 2011

i always have a camera or my iphone in my handbag or in my pocket when i am outside. even on my way to work or even when i go to the cafe. 
i found these photos on my phone and since the weather is a bit ‘shittie’ here at the moment (overcast and windy) – and with the ‘shittie’ weather the londoners tend to be a bit grumpy.  i thought i will add these on the blog to cheer us all up & remind us that it is FRIDAY, baby!!
11.04.07 Hospital building
a part of the roof from the university college hospital
11.04.07 Lewis buildingan old corner building
11.04.07 london buildingsthe corner of euston road station.
our plans for this weekend are:  movie on friday; the circus on saturday evening & lunch with friends on sunday.
have a great weekend!

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