Friday, March 18, 2011

firstly I want to start of by saying that I suck at making ‘proper’ food.  and what I mean with ‘proper’ food is the typical south african food of veggies, roast & all the goodies that go with it.

for example a normal conversation between hubby & me when i make dinner:
hubby:  is this suppose to be eaten together?
me:  YES! (a bit annoyed)
hubs:  but you know that there is mince AND chicken pieces in the freezer?
me:  yes and?
hubs:  and you know that you served a lamb chop ONTOP of the pasta?
me:  YES I KNOW???!!  but i felt like lamb chops AND pasta.
hubs:  ok then. (he say this with a sigh and get up from the table to get a small plate.  he then take the chop of the pasta put in it in the small plate. eat the pasta and then the chop).

see what i mean…

my poor husband always goes along with it and even compliment me on my cooking skills (lack of it i think).
so to improve my cooking skills (and make proper & normal food).  i am going to start making all our dinner meals out of recipe books and give my lovely husband a nice wholesome dinner every night.  (and yes hubby you did read this on MY blog and yes it is ME that wrote this – so no more chops with pasta and any other funny meals i made you eat).

to show you all that i am trying to achieve this, i made THE best pizza last night (fine i have to start easy).  it was AWESOME!!
11.03.17 Dinner_Pizza111.03.17 Dinner_Pizza2
and on that note…..

i wish EVERYONE a safe & FANTASTIC weekend!!

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  1. you should write a book someday my girl

    you cooking book would be entitled
    comedy cooking with stephanie

    love your zest for all things new and great
    love you so

  2. hahaha!! this is funny! :)
    love the post, en the food looks so yummy!! hmm, wish i was there to join in on that pizza... ;)
    love you my lovely sister!


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