thursday sky-ness

Thursday, February 24, 2011

i’ve been thinking of doing a weekly blog entry for awhile now, but couldn’t decide on what to do every week.  the problem came in that i want to keep it simple & easy & i don’t want to feel pressured every time when i have to do the weekly entry.  so i decided to think of something that changes every day or every week & would be easy for me to add on here…. and nothing changes as often (and constantly) as the weather here in london.
so from now on EVERY thursday i will take a photo of the sky (around the same time) and then you can see what the sky looks like here in london on that day.
here is today’s thursday sky-ness:
what does the sky look like in your area today? 
have a fantastic thursday!

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  1. I love this idea!! And the photo of the sky is beautiful! Looks like your lucky today with weather! Nice and sunny, but probably very cold!? :)
    It's a bit over-cast here in Pretoria, South Africa at the moment so the sky is very cloudy!
    I miss you!


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