Monday, February 28, 2011

I’ve been…

trying to create more order & also decorate our house
cooking dinners for hubby & me from scratch
trying to keep on top of all the washing & housework
spending more time with hubby
eating dinner EVERY night at the dining room table (and not in front of the TV)
doing NO more crafts in front of the TV (i have my OWN little workspace)
I’ve been wishing…
that i had more time to craft
to catch up on all my shows (i use to watch – i am SO SO SO behind)
that i can read more
that i had time to make a few things for the house
life is good… i only wish there was more time in the day to get everything done!
a little sneak peak of what our bedroom looks like now
P1010752the fireplace
P1010755our bed (please notice the crochet blanket – that took me about 5 years to complete)
P1010760my second hand make up table (that i LOVE)
wayne’s bedside table & decor
Hope everyone had an AWESOME weekend!

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  1. wow sis, your bedroom looks so pretty... I love the second hand make-up table! actually... I love your room!! missing you so much...


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