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Thursday, November 11, 2010

i was lucky enough this year to get a bonus at work, i got half in april & the other half now in october.  i decided to buy myself a new camera with this money.  for this huge choice i went to different shops and played with all the cameras to see which one i prefer.  i fell in love with the panasonic lumix g2.  it is a digital camera, almost like a slr but not.  it still has the interchangeable lenses but not as complicated as a slr.  i am still trying to work through the manual (huge & loads of info).  i came to the conclusion that the only way to play & learn will be to have the book in front of me with my camera and then just try everything and see how i get along. 
i would have LOVE to have this baby with me last night at linkin park…
here is a few sample photo’s i took with the different ‘creative’ setting
10.11.11 Dynamic Art10.11.11 Elegant10.11.11 Expressive10.11.11 Monochrome10.11.11 Pure10.11.11 Retro10.11.11 Silhouettethis is only under the creative setting.  there is still Loads more i haven’t even tried.
it also has a touchscreen in the back – so you can change your focus point
10.11.11 Test110.11.11 Test2
with this one i just made the focus the mouse.
10.11.11 Test5
i can’t wait to play some more.  hopefully i will get time over the weekend…
wonderful thursday to you all!!

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  1. oh wow, that awesome, I would love a camera like that... I love the last photo of the books and papers you took! that looks awesome... I love you and miss you so much!


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