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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a couple of weekends ago we walked past the de beers jewellery shop in new bond street and saw this HUGE pear shape diamond ring in the window.
10.10.03 Huge Ring_8ct
is’t HUGE right…
we decided to go in & have a look at the ring (just to find out how BIG & EXPENSIVE it is).  we were told that it is a 8ct platinum pear shape (flawless diamond).  and the price was a whopping £850 000 for the ring!!!! OH MY WORD!
i’m sure this what BOTH of our faces looked like:
10.10.12 WOW
almost a MILLION pounds for a ring.  the sales guy said that we are not the only people who came to ask the price for that ring (because it is so so big).  we even asked him if there will actually be ANYONE out there BRAVE enough to wear that on their finger (without running the risk of you loosing your had, so that it can be stolen of your finger).  the sales guy said that they had a princess cut ring for around the same size & it sold in a couple of days after they got it in the shop.  it was a very pretty ring (not as gorgeous as mine though) but i would NEVER want that big a ring – i will be too scared to wear it.

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  1. what!? oh my !!! Yeah sorry, I would never wear a ring that big!! It would take all the attention off my beautiful hands (hahaha!! :) just joking)! but that's insane!!


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